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dsavoie1953, March 11,  2020  1:38pm EST

AFIB Suspected Cause and Effect for Me

Age 66 to be 67 on 3/22/20. AFIB was first introduced on May 14, 2018 (65) at UT Southwestern in Dallas after a CV ECHO, ELECTROCARDIOGRAM and REMOTE ECG CHEST MONITOR. 

NOT CONCLUSIVE: Currently AFIB since 3/6/2020 to 3/11/2020 event. First time ever since 5/2018. I finally went back to a normal EKG today 3/11/2020. Took 2,500 mg/day tablets of magnesium at the same time with chocolate milk. LOL. Can not conclude this is a solution to cause my Heart AV and SA nodes electrical conduction to sync up but I am back to a NORMAL EKG after 5 days of AFIB. As of 3/11/2020 2:22 PM. 

Results were Dilated LA. Normal LV and RV systolic function. Normal LV wall motion. Trivial aortic regurgitation. Trace valvular regurgitaiton of Mitral, Tricuspd, Aortic and Pulmonic value. 

Cardologist at UT Southwestern results were echocardiogram looked pretty normal. The left atrium is enlarge which is usually due to higher blood pressures over long period of time and make artrial fibrillation more likely. Rx was Eliquis 5 mg 2x/day. 

My Cholesteral Total 1/2020 is 162 (100-999) Normal, HDL is 47 >39 Normal , LDL is 100 (0-99) down from 108 for first time in my life (Slightly Elevated - HIgh Side) I never had high LDL, Sodium is 141 (134-144) Normal , Potassium is 4.2 (3.5 - 5.2) Normal. 


History: My grandfather died of irrigular heartbeat at the age of 78 40 years ago, my mother died at 68 of a heart valve issue (High Fever in the late 40s) when I was born, my mother's brother died of mulitiple heart bypasses at 74 and had irrigular rates also. He had a heart pacer embeded in chest. He died at 74. All died of cogested heart failture. My father died in 2019 of congested heart failure at 90. I think it had to due with his diet and Cardiologist malpractice. He would have lived till 95 had he seen a better MD. Medicare system. 

I trained early in my life in martial arts and had no cardology issues until now in 2018, and my pass doctors in prior did not think I had high blood pressure . 


66 Male - AFIB trigger Assumptions and Challenges:

BMI 27.9 Weight 206 6ft tall Male therefore I am considered overweight. 

BP Hypertension Stages 1/2   Stage 1 122/86 63 BPM and  Stage 2 162/83 51 BPM between 1/2019 to 1/2020

Alcohol Triggers AFIB (Beer) now I drink Red Wine Blended and I can not confirm if wine will. 1 glass at night.

Sugar Triggers AFIB (Diffently Soft Drinks like Root Beer and Coke) I noticed on the Kardia Application while in a Normal Sinus rhythm for 2 days but after drinking just a 6 oz of Glass of Coke my rhythm was Normal but you can see the waveform adding another beat at different intervals but constant. So I have to stay away from Coke. 

Sodium Triggers AFIF (Seafood Gumbo) I am from South Louisiana. Well I cut back on salt.

Chocolate Milk may Trigger AFIF - Braun Chocolate Milk is the best. Well I cut back on that. 

Cafe' Mocho daily 1-2x cups small in morning may Trigger AFIB - 1-2x shots well I cut back on that. 

Mexican dinner - Lots of sodium and well I cut back on that.

Seafood may trigger due to the sodium - Shrimp for example. Scale back on that. Shrimp is high in cholesterol. Scale back on that and moving to fish. 

Insonmia - Not Sleeping Enougth or Body Not Completely rested is a major problem. I have to get up multiple times to urinate generally at 3 am 3-4 times a night and my wife snores and I do also. May need a sleep study done. I have had Insomina for while now and apparently high blood pressure. Triggered by Stress - NO QUESTION!

Dehyration could be a risk factor - but honestly I think it is insomina or sleep disorder over dehydration.


Therefore the only thing I see that is causing my AFIB for me  is:

Stress and Anxiety - I think this is a major factor which causes other chemicals in your body to change, and can cause high blood pressure.

Insomia - along with waking up to urinate every night.

Blood pressure Hyper Stage 1 and 2

BMI now 28 must be in normal ranges between 18 and 24. Which could reduce Sleep or Insomia issues by reducing my weight by 10 lbs.

Magnesium - I took 2,500 mg at 1:30 PM which is the daily intake then at 2:22 PM I finally can conclude after 5 days of AFIB my blood pressure was Hypertension Stage 1 - 117/84 68 Pulse and with NORMAL EKG with Karima sensor application after 5 days of AFIB.  I am not sure this is Eureka but I feel NORMAL. 


My next steps are:

Sodium intake around 1,500 mg/day

Sugar intake around 37 grams/day

Cholesteral intake around 300 mg/day

Potassium intake around 4,700 mg/day

Magnesium intake around 500 mg/day

Calories intake around 2,000 Cal/day to lose 1 lbs a week

Fat intake around 44-77 grams/day


Here is what I learned about sugar it uses up lots of potassium in making insulin. Humans do not store potassium therefore we need a daily intake of potassium if not the body triage in order to maintain a regular heartbeat. The cells on the inner walls of LA and RA the heart are the conduction system of the heart. SA and AV nodes in the RA/LA and RV/LV. These celllular electrical signals sync the heart musles to a normal rate, and in AFIB the SA and AV nodes are out of phase or not in sync. 

As a BS Electrical Engineer, and my wife has a medical background, WE are going to reseach how additional potassium can excite the SA and AV nodes to remain in sync, and magnesium. 

Being physically active will lower bood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower body weight and lower stress. 

My focus is on Training and Workingout daily, reduce BMI from 28 to 24 in a month, and healthy life style and seeing another Cardiologist tomorrow 3/12/20.


Cardiologist stated that Sleep Apnea and High Blood Pressure can cause AFIB. Therefore I on a Paleo Diet to get BMI to 185 lbs from 205 lbs, and going to test for Sleep Apnea and Calcium and Stress Test. MD has me on the Paleo Diet. Reduce high blood pressure to a normal level and rule out or in Sleep Apnea. 




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