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grayscot523, August 28,  2020  10:06am EST

AFib and PVCs and PACs

Hi All,

Thank you to everyone who responded to my introductory post a few weeks back. I appreciate all of your help.

I have another any of you deal with AFib and PVCs and PACs?

I have had PVCs for more than two years. Sometimes they are more bothersome than others with frequency, but never last long. I have continued to have them since being diagnosed with AFib three months ago.

Two days ago, I had an episode that lasted for more than two hours straight. Since I bought myself a MobileKardia device, I checked my EKG and the marjority of the results came back normal with one as possible AFib and another unclassified. I sent the results to my best friend who happens to be a NP and she said I was in NSR but with PACs, with which I have never before been diagnosed. 

I sent an email to my cardiologist and asked too if he reads Kardia results and his nurse called me back yesterday saying that it is illegal for them to read those results and she doesn't know of any doctors who will, but the device can be helpful for people to keep track on their own of what is going on. She then said that they want me to do a Zio monitor to find out exactly what types of arrythmias I am experiencing and that my doctor may refer me to an electorphysiologist.

Does this all sound like a good course of treatment to you? Do any of you deal with PVCs and PACs in addition to your AFib?

Thanks in advance,


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  • axnr911
    axnr911, August 30,  2020  8:01pm EST

    Hi Susan,   I wore a heart monitor for a couple of days and they discovered I had afib.  I was put on medication to calm it down.   I had had a stroke, and it was caused by the afib.  So, yes, I think it's good to follow up if you rheart is acting funny with a specialist .  I saw a cardiologist after my stroke.  I think an electorphysiologist sounds good.  You want to get your heart rhythm under control so you don't have a stroke like I did.  Wish I knew my heart was acting funny sooner.  Maybe I could have avoided the stroke.  Best wishes, Jeanne

  • ewNY1
    ewNY1, September 2,  2020  12:19am EST


    I'm an afib survivor (don't have PVC).

    Three things you shall watch: your INR, cholesteral and A1C. My EP told me the chance of having a strok is 2%.

    Regarding the Kardia's report, you can authorize (password required) anyone to read it. I usually send to my EP, cardiologist and friends who are in pharmaceutical.

    While you have more than afib, I suggest you consider an ablation as early as you can.




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