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whackyshoe, May 1,  2018  5:44pm EST

10 Abnormal beats equates to AFib diagnosis?

I recently had a Holter Monitor test, and was informed that there were 10 abnormal beats in the 24 hour period, and was subsequently diagnosed with AFib and put on blood thinners.  This was shocking to me.  I didn't know how to react.  And now I'm curious about, and cannot find any information on why one 10-beat "episode" is considered AFib.  We are going to repeat the test again in 1 month.  I'm guessing the blood thinners (Pradaxa) is just a precautionary exercise at this point in time.  I'm a 67 female, exercise regularly (Zone 2 most days, Zone 1 for 90 minutes every day), and work at a high stress desk job (software engineer) every day.  I am overweight (BMI 32).  I don't have any other chronic conditions (yet).  I have been following the DASH guidelines, and have started following Dean Ornish rules for the past 10 weeks (it's hard!!!).  I do not have high blood pressure (126/62).  Can someone confirm that 10 beats falls within the realm of an AFib diagnosis?

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  • Heartfe6878
    Heartfe6878, May 1,  2018  6:23pm EST

    You may someday look back on this and think how lucky you were....Your question is a good one...But what it does not state is what the abnormal beats were and how long the abnormal beats ran. and what the rhythm of those beat were...Were they in the day time or night time?...When I started my journey with Afib in 2010...mine  at first ran in 18 beat runs. then as time developed thing changed to extremely fast runs....I would be pleased that they have caught something early and they are on it with treating you with the Pradaaxa as a precaustionary..... Stick with you doctor and get him to explain further to you about why he think this is definitvely afib...The squeaky wheel  gets the grease...Call and ask to speak to his nurse and ask the same questions....You will get through this... Stress is not good for afib...Knowledge is power for me...Call the doc or his nurse....


  • whackyshoe
    whackyshoe, May 1,  2018  6:36pm EST

    Thank you so much for the good questions!  You have no idea how exceptionally helpful it was to hear from you and how much more relieved I feel now.  I would not have known to ask those questions.  I assumed it was 10 beats that happened at 5am in the morning, all together at once.  I do feel lucky that it is being caught so early.  By the way, good luck with YOUR journey.  I am on a very intentional weight loss journey to avoid other chronic illnesses as much as possible.  I retire in 3 years - I am starting yoga to help manage the stress which seems to increase with age.  I didn't mention that my heart rate - at least according to my Fitbit is around 49-52 - and has been for the past 3 years, consistently.  I have about 30 questions stacked up for my doctor - and I'm going to start with her nurse!  The good thing is that I trust both the nurse and the cardiologist, and live in one of the top cities for heart professionals.  

  • Heartfe6878
    Heartfe6878, May 2,  2018  2:46pm EST

    Just keep asking questions....I noticed the time of your episode....Ask tthe cardiologist or the nurse if you could be considered for a sleep apnea study....You are not alone with the constant monitoring..We all try to manage the many many different aspects of our health condition. But this site is full of information from great people who are out there fighting along side of you with their journey.....Have you looked into magnesium and  taurine...ask about these....Read on this.....Most of us take these in supplemenet form  But best to ask you physician or nurse if it is ok. Did you gget a thyroid test? .....so many things to put on the list...

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