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AHAASAKatie, May 7,  2018  11:28am EST

What "things" do you tell other people?

This past weekend I had the chance to spend precious time with my best friend from college who recently survived a catastrophic illness and is having to completely change her entire life and learn to live a new way; managing new physical limitations and a regimen of medications and supplements to keep her alive. Her situation and the very raw and painful conversations that we had over the weekend regarding her quality of life and what she can expect moving forward were naturally on my mind this morning when I read this poem by David Sarnacki- Things Thrivers tell Survivors. 

Much of what he wrote truly resonated with me and I wanted to share it with all of you and ask what type of conversations do you have with people if and when you talk about your condition or situation?  The older I get, the more I think we all speak much of the same language and have the same fears regardless of our "condition." Much of what David speaks to in his poem we can do...we can breathe, we can keep asking questions, we can walk a new path or explore new areas

So, this Monday morning's question is- what "things" about yourself or "things" that inspire or frighten you do you share with others? 

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  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, May 7,  2018  1:27pm EST

    Katie, I like David Sarnacki's ideas in his poem.  Thanks for sharing it.  It sounds a lot like things a therapist would recommend if one were being treated for depression or anxiety.....both of which can be products of physical illnesses or disablilities.

    I talk about things that inspire me to just about anyone who seems interested or will listen. it is easy to talk about the "good" things in one's life.  But about things that scare me, I am much more selective with whom I share that information.  Sometimes I think we consider it a "weakness" to be "scared"....so we are hesitant to talk about our fears.  I am lucky that I have a few close friends and family members with whom I can talk about almost anything.  I think in this forum that some of us share our fears and anxieties here that we do not express elsewhere.  It is because we sense an understanding from others who are "in the same boat" so to speak.  I believe that most of us still have a "private self" where some of our emotions and fears are kept unexpressed to others.  David Smacki's poem is an encouragement to reach outside "ourselves" to have a better enjoyment of life.

    We will each probably find that there are some of the things he suggests that we CAN do....and there may be others that we CANNOT do....but each thing we CAN do will help.

    Sharing our expriences in this forum is what makes it such a good support group....and that is why it is an  important "outlet" for learning about and expressing our concerns, questions, and fears..

    Best wishes to all,


    (My A-fib Experience Community Leader).

  • Rbrandt
    Rbrandt, May 7,  2018  9:49pm EST

    Interesting question Katie, I entered a 12 step program 16 years ago this June 6th and have been successful in it since entering. I find I share any thing I think will be beneficial to whom ever I’m speaking to. With that said i am very aware of whom I’m speaking to. I don’t share things Im comfortable sharing in my 12 step program outside of it. When it comes to my health issues and experinces again if I’m sharing with people that have a connection then anything I can share that will hopefully be of help I will. While I don’t advertise I’m in a 12 step program I don't shy away from talking about it if I feel it could be of help same for my afib or any other medical conditions even aging. Like Jean said sharing our experiences here is what has always made this forum so good.  Shared experinces with other people we have a connection with is a very powerful thing. Glad to be a part of it here and hopefully occasionally helpful. 

    May we all have NSR 


    (MyAfibExperience Community Leader) 


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