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patrickg, September 17,  2019  8:53am EST

Urine Retention/Distended Bladder Caused By Meds?

I take Pradaxa, Tikosyn, Losartan and Atorvastatin. Anyone have any history of any of these meds causing urine retention and a distended bladder?

On Friday I took a tumble off my bicycle and noticed blood in my urine later that day, so the next day I went to the ER and had several CT scans which showed a distended bladder, so a Foley catheter was put in which drained 5300 ml of bloody urine. I was told a bladder normally holds about 1500 ml and they couldn’t believe I wasn’t in excruciating pain. I walked out of the ER more than 10 lbs. lighter! They think the blood thinner and the fall off the bike caused the bleeding.

So I will be seeing a urologist for followup but my son asked if possibly any of my meds might be causing this problem. Anyone have experience similar to this with any of these meds?

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  • rfedd
    rfedd, September 17,  2019  8:03pm EST

    As far as I know a bladder will hold 300 to 400 ml during the day and 800 at night. Did anyone ask to look at your PSA levels? Blood in urine was one of the early signs for my prostate cancer. Along with the intermittent pains.

  • patrickg
    patrickg, September 17,  2019  9:54pm EST

    Not sure about PSA levels but they did say they drained 5300 ml, “more than twice as much as they had ever seen”. I felt the difference immediately and am 10-12 lbs lighter.

    And I was advised that the bleeding was most likely caused by the blunt trauma from the fall (I fell on the handlebars) and the anticoagulant I am taking. They said it was likely that capillaries in the bladder were ruptured and likened it to a “bloody nose in the bladder”.

    My biggest concern right now in addition to the aneurysm is why my bladder was massively distended and why I wasn’t able to void my bladder. They suggested that this didn’t happen after the accident but had been building up for some time. I knew I had gained a few lbs. but suspected it was from the meds I was taking causing weight gain. Now I know it was obviously urine retention. ER staff couldn’t believe I wasn’t in excruciating pain after seeing the size of my bladder on the CT report. I was full of piss!

  • rfedd
    rfedd, September 18,  2019  1:47am EST

    I can only speak from personal experience, but when the scar tissue from the radiation I had, closed the urethra, I had to race down to the ER, where they took a sharp catheter, and worked on me for 20 minutes, before they cut through. I dumped just over 1 liter. 1050 ml. I can tell you that the crew working on me, we're starting to panic. Also, I take the same meds you do, and since my surgery to "lay a section of new pipe" have not had any more issues. The down side is, with all the cutting that went on, now even more scar tissue wants to grow.

  • rfedd
    rfedd, September 18,  2019  1:48am EST

    And I forgot to ask, did they do a bladder scan?

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, September 18,  2019  4:39am EST

    Reffed, and Patrick, welcome to the U.R. Club. I was Dx’d with Urine Retention Neurogenic Bladder way back in Aug 2005 at the same time I was Dx with Prostate Cancer. 1st time is the charm. Yeh right. 

    It wasn’t my BP meds not at all. I had 2 different Urodynamics diagnostics tests and many bladder ultrasounds. My Neurogenic bladder could and can hold up to 2300ml if urine. That’s a lot of pee backed up. So I’ve been self-Cathetering for the last 14 years whether I like it or not. 

    Yes rfedd I too had 42IMRT Radiation treatments Sept-Dec 2055. Yes it created Urethral Strictures which caused many about (6) plus trips to ER for plumbing re-opening assistance. Too many times of pain. I had 2 DVIU Cystoscopes which where not fun times. Either. Then in March 2017 a very successful Urethroplasty surgery with skin graft from inside of inner mouth. So far I’ve been Stricture FREE!!! But still self Cath 6-7 times daily.

    Thats life in Depotdougs life.  Now I’m back in Advanced Prostate Cancer treatment 3rd time. Re-started Lupron Hormone injection and another prostate cancer Med one week ago..... Yes I’m battling an AVID active cancer area on my prostate gland and Pelvic lymph nodes and upper lymph nodes too. It’s a tough fight. But I’m attacking it with my newest Med Oncologist Doctor from IU Health @ IU SIMON CANCER Center Indianapolis. The best place for cancer treatments of all kinds 2 hours from home. My case my meds did not cause Neurogenic extended bladder. Neuropathy and nerve damage to my S3 sacral nerve did. Now fighting PCa 3rd time agressively .


  • ichinyere
    ichinyere, September 18,  2019  8:39pm EST

    Good evening PatrickG, RFedd, and DepotDoug,


         My name is Ike Chinyere, MD-PhD candidate at the University of Arizona. I am participating in an entrepreneurship program that is having us perform interviews. My team and I are interested in bringing new therapies for Atrial Fibrillation to market and would like to get your opinions (as customers/end-users of such therapies) on the value of our new projects.


         The three proposals are 1) wearable sensors, 2) surgical biomaterial therapy, 3) improved RF ablation. Here is the explanation for each: 


    1) Wearable Sensors - If the patient could wear a device that continuously monitors the heart rate it could alert the patients and or clinical care team if the patient pops out of sinus rhythm and into atrial fibrillation, which could result in a more prompt change or intervention for medications involved in rythm control, which could result in less time spent in atrial fibrillation and less clot formation


    2) Surgical Biomaterial Therapy -  surgically/robotic/catheter-implanted biomaterials (either electrically conductive to restore function or electrically inert to impede arrhythmia propagation) or cardiac tissue grafts to restore healthy myocardium instead of pro-arrhythmic myocardium


    3) Improved Rardiofrequency Ablation - comparable ablation techniques that are currently used with an improved success rate



    Do any/all of them sound interesting to you? Do any of them sound like bad ideas or something you would not want to use?


    Thank you in advance 



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