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Teagal, October 25,  2018  5:29pm EST

Two weeks after ablation, still tired.

I am taking naps from necessity, but the Afib is rare and brief, so I feel much better. I am not exercising much yet, just doing some walking. Ablation so far is much better than all the meds (I am still on a couple and on Eliquis) but don't have the exhaustion from  Afib.

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  • Drumz47
    Drumz47, October 28,  2018  9:40pm EST

    Hi Blessings.

    i called off my ablation and changed my diet which calmed a lot of my AFIB symptoms, tiredness ,thumping heartbeat and I’m able to get to the gym 3 times a week doing a scheduled  workout getting my heart rate over 100 bpm with no stress or issues.  No sugars, soda ,coffee, processed food ,canned food ,very low salt intake and no candy. Basically I started juicing in the morning eating lots of fruit and raw nuts with salads. This has changed my lifestyle 360 totally.  Good luck and stay healthy🙏🏿❤️

  • Teagal
    Teagal, November 6,  2018  12:16pm EST

    Drumz47, previous to this I was exercising at the Rec Center 3 times weekly, ate reasonably well, with waterme;on every breakfast by choice, along with a healthy protein, as long as it wasn't oatmeal (gag). I have been a food writer and cooking teacher, as well as an R.N. . I don't juice because the whole fruit is healthier as a rule. I do get Knudsen's tart cherry juice for extra potassium and because I like it.

    Nothing was going to be a better idea  for me that an ablation, and I am so glad I did it. At this point. I am four weeks ut and allowed back in the pool, which I am enjoying. My stamina is improving and I can now stand in church  to sing all verses of the songs without tiring.

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