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sandylynn, August 3,  2019  10:09pm EST


Can anyone tell me which insurance companies cover AFIB, thanks

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  • rlevin47
    rlevin47, August 4,  2019  5:52am EST

    Most do.

    You must make sure you take a policy that covers preexisting conditions. To be covered for preexisting you usually have to buy the coverage within a certain amount of days after you make your initial trip deposit. Every company is different but it usually has to be within 7 to 10 days.   

    I usually a use web site called You will have many company choices. If you need help just call them. They are very helpful.  I have used them many times.

    Good luck, Robert

  • Spencer
    Spencer, August 12,  2019  1:08pm EST

    AFib is a pre-existing condition, and many insurers will deny coverage, or it will be so incredibly high to be unaffordable.  It will probably not be easy, and I am sure they will want an EKG or CT.   Someone out there should be able to offer your health insurance.

    My wife insured my butt for about $2M, and I had all of the exams before my time of AFib.  I know that I can never get any more insurance... ever.  My health insurance comes from the Veteran's Administration, and I will make sure that I always keep up with that because I am toxic waste to an insurance company.   


    In the Sunlight

  • Elise
    Elise, August 13,  2019  7:37am EST

    If you buy travel insurance as soon as you make your first travel expenses you can get coverage for pre-existing conditions. I do it several times a year. Go to a reputable website like, read the very helpful info there, get a quote from 7 or 8 companies there in the site, and read carefully before you buy. Or call them. They're very helpful. I might leave home without my American Express, but I never leave home without travel insurance.

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