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Jaqueela, November 16,  2018  8:22am EST

Symptoms when you're in afib

I was diagnosed with AFib last Feb.  I'm on several meds including Tikosyn and Eliquis.  It is difficult for me to determine if I'm out of rhythm.  Yesterday, to the best of my knowledge, I was out of rhythm most of the day.  Can anyone share what it is like for them?

Im planning on an ablation in January.  I'm going on vacation in a few days and will be gone for about 18 days.  I worry that I will be away from my Cardiologist. 

Thanks.  Jackie. 

8 Replies
  • bshersey
    bshersey, November 16,  2018  8:34am EST

    When I was first diagnosed with afib, I had no clue. Now I can definitely tell by taking my pulse. If I am in afib, the beats are uneven: thump, thump, thump, THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP, thump thump. Also, my automated blood pressure machine goes crazy and can't get a reading. You can't really tell officially without an EKG reading. Some people buy a home EKG reader from Amazon and then send the results to their doctor.

  • Geronimo
    Geronimo, November 16,  2018  8:44am EST

    For me, I feel my heart occationally racing and get winded when going up stairs or even bending over to pet the dog. I don't hear the normal heart beat when I'm lying down. Even though I'm in Afib 24x7 my meds keep my resting pulse around 85 so definetly not something that impacts me to much. 

  • Lisad
    Lisad, November 16,  2018  10:34am EST

    Hello Jackie

    I was diagnosed with afib last year, still try to figure it all out

    But I did get a - KardiaMobile it does a EKG on your moble you can see wright a way and FDA approved it 100 buck i like it 

  • Rogochef
    Rogochef, November 16,  2018  10:39am EST

    "Fortunately" I needed a Pacemaker due to an increasinly slow and irregular heart beat plus a partial nerve block, all conditions Dxed at the same time.  Therefore, my HB stays between 60 and 130 which is a good thing, I suppose.   I am only 3 months into this fun experience but the afib hits me now pretty much only in am just after i awaken around 5 am and it is fairly brief, thus far.  I can feel it go away and it has been at least two months since I  have had an afib experience during the day THAT I CAN FEEL.   When Dx'ed with afib, I did not know I had it as it was for me asymptomatic.    Over the past few days I have been feeling a bit heavy headed and I suspect i am getting afib attacks during the day I cannot detect.  Will be seeing the cardiologist soon is the condition persists.   Good Luck!   I am about to get a home ekg unit so I can detect if there is afib going on when i feel punky.    

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, November 16,  2018  1:36pm EST

    I’ve been afib free after an ablation in May. I could almost always tell within minutes when I had an episode. I’d confirm it with an app called Runtastic, which shows your heart rate much like an ekg, but obviously not as accurately. My rate would between 140-170. Felt like a runaway freight train. I tried a Fitbit with a little less success, but still a hint on the rate.

    Good Luck!


  • Heartfe6878
    Heartfe6878, November 16,  2018  3:34pm EST

    I use the kartia app for my phone. I purchased it from them several years ago. It tells me immediately what my rate is and how I am doing with Afib. Worth every penny...I also can use it to email the doctor or take a printed off copy with me to the doctor visit to document what has been happening...

    As to what this is like.....horribly unpleasant, dizziness, difficulty gettin around in full tilt Afib.....It is a big problem ..I really slike to say  a few swear words but not here since I am haveing afib today and would regret it later on..

  • Mikealec
    Mikealec, November 17,  2018  10:34am EST

    I have an Apple Watch - first edition - with an app PhotoAfib that I use when I get the feelings, breathlessness, increased heart rate, overall anxious feeling. The app generally confirms that I’m in afib so I’ll take a screen shot along with notes on how I’m feeling and/or what I’m doing and show to my cardiologist. I believe it gives him accurate info. Needless to say, when that happens I take it easy for the rest of the day to recover after an episode (which hasn’t occurred for me in awhile) I can’t wait til I get the Apple 3 watch! I understand it can better read what I’m experiencing.

    Best of luck!


  • kenneth631
    kenneth631, November 17,  2018  3:07pm EST

    I had an ablation in May, 2017 and, thankfully, have been in NSR since then, except for one brief episode a week after the procedure. I had paroxysmal afib for many years, and ended up having several episodes a week, lasting for eight hours or more each time with or without flecainide. When I was in afib, I knew it. My pulse was unsteady and very rapid; unable to determine what the beats per minute were.

    Sometimes it felt like a "storm" was going on inside me or a feeling like squirrels were running around inside of my chest when the episodes were severe.

    I would also describe it like an out-of-tune car, running at high idle. Also butterflies in the stomach feeling. Bad feeling and a miserable quality of life, even when I wasn't in afib, wondering when the next episode would occur.

    Best decision I made was going for the ablation. Make sure the EP you choose has done thousands of them, has excellent results and is a recognized expert.


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