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Natureartist, September 23,  2020  1:52pm EST

Rythmol as PIP

I've had AF for 9+ yts.   For 7 yrs. I've used 300mg Rythmol to conver me from Paryxomol AF.   It converts me  97% of the time within 3 hrs.   I get most of my AF at night while asleep.    The last 2x I've taken it, I converted, but several hrs. later was back i AF....but with a slower HR.   I'm thinking I have to find a new strategy.   I'm 78 and active.   Has anyone had an antiarrythmic  become ineffective?????   What did you do?   

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  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, September 23,  2020  3:59pm EST

    Get a strong EP with success and cardiologist that both can work as a team.

    WE must think Root Cause not Symtoms of our problem. If you have AFIB all RXs are man made are not fixing the Root Cause!!!!

    Everyone has a different issue - but Reseach and Life Style changes solutions are here!

    You must be the Change Agent for your Body and age has an effect but it is only allowed and controlled by you! I chose not to sit at a desk but to be in constant motivation and motion! 

    Hope you have a history baseline of a Stress Treadmill ECHO CT - Calcium score and MPI Nuclear 180 degree Heart Test results.

    Rule out Insomnia and Sleep Apnea. Get tested.  

    If you have high blood pressure change life style. Low sugar or no sugar at all.

    Sugar causes high blood pressure not salt.  

    Remove all process foods from diet - if it is package it is not healthy for the heart and arteries if you have high blood pressure. 

    For me - I am 65% Fat ( Good) 25% Protein 10% Carbs Diet - Absolutely NO Processed Foods - No  Sugar or Low Sugar and Low Salt (Himalaya) - Definitely No Sodas or Frozen Foods or McDonalds or Chic- Fay -La etc or Bread or Pizza 

    I MUST workout Daily at least 30 to 60 mins none stop and SWEAT and expand arteries.

    As an engineer a small pipe means greater pressure for blood volume flow needed by a pump (Heart) ... a larger pipe means you need more pressure and blood volume flow ... at any rate the pump is over worked in AFIB.  It gets worst with High Blood Pressure. 

    Get Super Beets and electrolytes powder and mix with Metamucil every morning g to improve circulation of the arteries and workout! 

    Drink fluids and eat right Fruits and right veggies ... It sounds like your sleep may be an issue.

    Therefore you must excerise everyday to relax and get your arteries to be flexible.

    I found if I hit the elliptical 60 mins for 5 miles my blood pressure goes to normal. I want to get away from Rx now that I am in normal sinus. 

    Research alternative heart supplements and EPs - I follow and use Dr Marlene Merritt Clinic In Austin Texas and Texas Cardiac Arythmmia in Austin 

    If your in persistent AFIB for more than 4-5 months get an RF Ablation from my experience only from someone with a respected EP AFIB Facility that conducts ongoing research and well trained EP MDs by pieoneers on staff. 

    Do your homework. Attend video conference in Oct. 



  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, September 24,  2020  7:52am EST

    I'm 73 and I've had paroxysmal afib for 5 yrs. The afib clinic here started me on diltiazem for rate control and Xarelto then Eliquis for stroke protection. CPAP seemed to help a lot, but then episodes got more frequent. Last November I started with pill in the pocket propafenone (Rhythmol) plus propranolol beta blocker PIP if my HR was over 100 while in afib. That worked amazingly well at first, but then I started getting like an episode every other day after about a month. Went to daily dose of 150 propafenone 3 times a day. That worked pretty well for a couple of months but I started getting a lot of "breakthrough" episodes. So we moved to 325 propafenone ER twice a day. I still have about one episode a month - apparently due to a vagus nerve thing - like gulping cold water in the middle of the night. My resting HR was maybe 10 lower when I first started the ER dosage but seems to have crept back up. I'm thinking my body is adapting in some way to the drug, diminishing its effect, even if I'm not having episodes much. Or maybe the underlying cause of my afib is getting worse and I should be considering an ablation. Of course pandemic anxiety isn't helping.

    SO yes, in my case the drug seems to quit working. This seems to happen to others as well. OTOH, some people go for decades on anti arrhythmic drugs with no problems. Drug responses vary a lot between people, and there are other drugs to try. Check in with your doc about adjusting the dose. Let us know how it goes!

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, September 24,  2020  9:05am EST

    Natureartist, find an electrophyiologist (EP) and talk to him/her about an ablation.  (Make sure that this EP has done hundreds of successful ablations.)

    In addition, to improve the likelihood of ablation success, get tested for sleep apnea.  If you have it and treat it, it should help.

    Let us know how things go!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

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