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Ballard6449, May 13,  2018  6:21pm EST

Post 2nd Ablation

For years I had intermittent Afib (3 - 4 times per year) until Summer 2016.  That was when I went into constant Afib with controlled rate.  Had my first ablation 8/2016 and it did not work.  Was back in Afib within 2 hours and did not convert back.  Turns out I was hyperthyroid and no one had tested my Tsh for the 3 years I was on amiodarone.  EP Stopped the amiodarone, started me on Tikosyn and sent me to an endocrinologist.  The hyperactive thyroid was amiodarone induced and even though it took 4 months my thyroid numbers returned to normal and I converted to NSR at that time.  Was still on Tikosyn as EP wanted to keep me on it for another 6 months after the thyroid straightened out.  Stayed in NSR until last Summer and then started getting intermittent bouts of Afib that would last a couple of hours with rate fairly controlled (always under 120).  These bouts happened on average about once every 2 weeks.  This pattern continued and the EP kept my on Tikosyn as he wanted to make sure that Thyroid was still working correctly.  Had thyroid checked by endocrinologist again this last Feb and was given the all clear.  The EP scheduled and performed another ablation this past 3/20.  The procedure went well and I came out in NSR.  He found a couple of more trouble spots on the back side of my heart and said a couple of the spots he had burned in the first ablation had “reconnected” and he touched all those up.  About 2 weeks post ablation I had my first bout of Afib that lasted a couple of hours with the rate under 90.  Since then I’ve had four more bouts most all lasting less than 2 hours with controlled rate except last night.  Went into Afib about 10 last night and stayed in it until this afternoon.  Rate was well controlled less than 90.  All five times that these bouts have occurred have been when my stomach has bloated and I’ve been very gassy after a meal.  I know I’m still in blanking period but getting a little disappointed.  I’ve stayed away from coffee and liquor since those have been triggers in the past.  Does anyone have experience with having Afib during the blanking period that ended up OK after all was healed up?  And what about gassy/bloating?  Does that trigger events for any of you?  Trying not to worry about it and just turning it over to God.

Thanks for listening, Mark


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  • milano
    milano, May 13,  2018  6:59pm EST



    If your rate was less than 90,  how do you know you were in afib.  Do you have a monitor?  

    2 weeks is too early to know about the success of your ablation.  I would talk to your EP about this last long episode.  I think bloating and gas may be a trigger.  I would turn it over to your EP.


  • Ballard6449
    Ballard6449, May 13,  2018  7:55pm EST


    One of the events was captured by Primary Care Dr. when I happened to be there getting my HBP RX refilled.  Rate was in the 80's and he put me on the monitor.  I've been on a beta blocker for years and it my rate is always in the 60's when NSR.  And most cases my rate over the years when in Afib has been below 90 (caught on EKG's, monitors, etc.  it's just my normal rate profile.

    As far as the other 4 post ablation bouts I assume it was Afib but don't know for sure.  I've gotten pretty used to what it feels like for me over the years.

    EP aware and wants to wait until after blanking period before considering changing anything.  As long as I convert on my own he said to just wait until my scheduled appointment 6/20 (3 months post ablation) to come in.


  • milano
    milano, May 13,  2018  8:27pm EST


    Many people after an ablation have a higher resting heart rate.  Just because your rate is in the 80s does not necessarily mean you are in afib.  If you have a smartphone,  a KARDIA monitor costs about 100 bucks and will give you an ecg.  On the ecg you should be able to tell if you are in afib or sinus rhythm.  Too soon to determine.  



  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, May 18,  2018  10:08pm EST

    Mark, I think  you will find that a lot of people have a-fib episodes during the blanking period of 3 months while the heart is healing.  Keep in touch with your EP about your symptoms.  Gassy/Bloating especially after large meals seems to be a trigger for some....and that may be true in your case.  I hope that your ablation will prove to be successful and that your episodes with a-fib will soon cease in frequency and then altogether. Let us know how you are doing!

    Wishing you the best,


    (My A-Fib Experience Community Leader)

  • WC52
    WC52, May 29,  2018  7:13pm EST

    Hey Mark,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. I am currently have a hyper active thyroid. My ablation was on 2/28/17 and I took amiodarone a month before surgery and another two months after. I just had my hip replaced on 3/27/18 and while exercising during recovery, I felt my heart beating fast. Topped out at 154 bpm but in rhythm. In fact, still in rhythm but beating a little fast. At first, my cardiologist thought it was tachycardia but the results showed hyper active thyroid. What did you do to get rid of this or under control? Be well.


    Regards, Bill




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