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rhamamueller, October 9,  2019  2:39pm EST

Pain with A-Fib


I have had A-fib for a number of years. I could feel the flutters and skipped beats but not very often. I've always had electrical issues with my heart. I also have a pcae maker. I was told by my previous EP in January that I was in A-fib for longer periods of time and more often. I went through the standard tests for blockage and came out clean as a whistle. I changed to a different EP a couple of months ago and he suggested an ablation. I have one scheduled for November. I take Eloquis, Flecainide and Metropolol. He took me off of Digoxin. I am a 60 year old female, don't drink or smoke, not overweight and otherwise healthy. I do take medication for my thyroid which I have for years. For the last couple of months the A-fib has gotten much worse and now I feel sharp chest pains when it's flopping around. The pain only lasts a few seconds each time. As you can imagine it's pretty scary. Sometimes the shooting pains lasts a couple of minutes other times a couple of hours. I've tried eliminating as many triggers as I can after reading others posts. It happens at all different times of days and during different activity.  The PA I see at my doctors office doesn't seem too concerned about the pain, saying everyone has different symptons with A-Fib. Anyone else experience shooting chest pain while experiencing a bad episode? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you

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  • rfedd
    rfedd, October 9,  2019  4:39pm EST

    Do you have any other symptoms with the sharp shooting pains?

  • rhamamueller
    rhamamueller, October 9,  2019  5:06pm EST

    I can feel my heart flopping around. Sometimes really hard. I don't really feel any shortness of breath or dizziness.

  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, October 9,  2019  7:45pm EST

    Good evening.

    I, too, have afib and a PM.

    Can the PA explain to you why you might experience pain so you will have a greater understanding? That might help you with your concerns. 

    You might also ask for an appointment with the doctor himself/herself (I am assuming this is the EP/cardiologist who is also going to perform the ablation) for clarification now.

    Best of good fortune with your ablation!! Hope is frees you up! 


  • rfedd
    rfedd, October 10,  2019  1:19am EST

    One thing I have noticed is when I have the heavy thumping  my PAC,s are more frequent. So, I have been checking my blood pressure when it occurs. High every time. 170/90 or close to that. I am trying my best to keep it under control.


  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, October 10,  2019  12:00pm EST

    Google Cardiac issues and thyroid dysfunction.

    There an entirely new field Cardiac Endocrinology being established because of the strong correlation between Thyroid Dysfunction and cardiac disease and disorders. Experts in the field say that if the thyroid issues are not stabilized, the cardiac issues will not stabilize.

    IT was really eye-opening to read this information. And they are not talking about severe thyroid dysfunction, but even minimal thyroid dysfunction can interfere with the proper function of the heart.

    It would be wonderful if your issues can be stabilized by getting proper treatment of your thyroid disorder.

    It's A Great Day To Be Alive...


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