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deejay4638, July 29,  2019  5:53pm EST

Opinions on seeing EP and considering ablation

I was diagnosed with afib a year ago, and I am currently on Eliquis. I was taking Metoprolol but my pulse went so low (55) that my regular doctor said I should go off it. I was on a very low dose, 12.5 m 2x a day. I will go days without any afib episodes and then suddenly I'll have several. They are very debilitating, I feel light headed, a weird taste in my mouth, and like I can't breathe. They usually pass in seconds, especially when I put my head down. I've found two triggers: emotional stress and alcohol, but not always either. 

I'll be seeing my cardiologist in a few days, last saw him 6 months ago. He told me to just keep doing what I've been doing. He didn't want to refer me to an EP because he said they'll just want to do an ablation, and he didn't think they have a high enough success rate to justify it in my case, also the procedure has risks and some people need two or three. But my episodes seem to be increasing, and I am fearful a lot of times that I will have one, so that I am worried to go places. And I've read that afib eventually causes damage to my heart. What's your opinion - ablation or no ablation? Should I push my cardiologist to refer me to an EP? How do I choose a good one, if he won't refer but I still want to see someone? 

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  • Peachgolfer
    Peachgolfer, July 29,  2019  6:49pm EST

    Deejay, in my opinion if you have AFIB you should see an EP and your cardiologist or even your internist may know of a good one.  If not look online for an EP with an FHRS designation and lots of experience.    There are people that get results from rhythm control drugs and never need an ablation. An EP is most knowlegable of what might work with your situation and can best explain your options. I believe Metoprolol is used to control heart rate and blood pressure (not heart rhythm) and I used a fast-acting low dose as a pill in the pocket to control my pulse rate during AFIB episodes.  I’ve been fighting the AFIB battle for about 7 years and worked through many differerent medicines and several ablations.  I am happily in good rhythm now, and off everything except Eliquis and a low dose of a blood pressure medicine.   Good luck on the journey.....and try not to stress about it.  I’m so glad you’ve found this forum, it has helped me.

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