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Ramie60, November 4,  2019  11:17am EST

new to AFIB - how long to regulate?

I am 59 y-o female who was diagnosed with AFIB during routine gyno appt.  (Probably had it for years but never diagnosed.  Did go to dr one time and they said stress and anxiety.  Other times I thought it was caffeine or stress.  Regardless, here I am. Have been on BP meds for 10+ years.; basically healthy)  Was taken to ER for monitoring; given Cardizem and Eloquis in ER.  Saw cardiologist who added Solatol the next week.  It made me very tired but i am adjusting.  Noticed that AFIB episodes now are more pronounced that before the meds. I feel like everyone can see my heart beating!  I go this week for holter monitor.  I hope it catches an episode.  How long does it take to find the right meds to keep this under control?  Thanks

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  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, November 4,  2019  4:30pm EST

    Hi Ramie,

    Sometimes one medication might work more effectively than another on someone, but this is very dependent on the medication, the individual, the dose and so on.

    What does your prescribing doctor say about the episodes being more pronounced? 

    What works for one person may not for another. I was transitioned from one medication to another after I got a second opinion. The change was beneficial.

    But this is only my experience.

    I'm fairly new here but I imagine many people on this site have had to try different approaches to get afib under the best control possible.

    Best wishes and may you find a solution that suits you!

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, November 5,  2019  10:35am EST

    We're each different so there is no one answer to that question. And, as one of the top afib expert surgeons says, "Afib is a bunch of different conditions that all share the same name." So, your afib may be very different from someone else's afib. 

    You may be able to stabilize more quickly by seeing an electrophysiologist (a cardiologist that specializes in the heart's electrical system) as it is harder for general cardiologists (those specializing in the plumbing system) to keep up with the latest on afib.


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