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DAVIDCHAR, March 14,  2020  11:12am EST

New Fibber with 1st ablation scheduled

Good Morning, I am 52 year  old male in good health  but have had paroxysmal afib for a 1-1/2 years. Started off ever other month and worked its way to having it ever two weeks.

i was started on propafenone 325mg & beta blocker and that worked for a month then started having episodes every 4-5 days so it was bumped up to 425mg propafenone that worked for a week but now I have episodes ever day for 3-8 hours

so now I am scheduled for an ablation at Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Tchou and was looking for any feed back, suggestions, words of wisdom, experiences.

thank you 

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  • Carlosjlazo
    Carlosjlazo, March 14,  2020  12:25pm EST

    Hi David, i was in a similar situation , the frequency of my episodes started increasing rapidelly. I was trying to avoid surgery so my EP tried medicines first. I was on flecanide for a few weeks and got really bad secondary effects, then moved to sotolol which didn't work. The only one that seemed to be working some how to keep me out of afib was amiodorone. Even though I didn't have episodes while I was taking it I could not say I was felling well. Also amiodorone is toxic and not recommended. I'm 50 and it could affect other organs for long term usage

    so I had an ablation on Jan 29. The was easy, they put me to sleep and I woke up after a couple of hours, all was done. Iñfirst 3-4 days after there was hearth pain, tiredness , chest tightness and everything else but the. In a week I was feeling better and better. I stayed on amiodorone for a month as there is probability of afín after ablation . After the first to weeks I was still not felling 100% and had some chest discomfort and was short of breath occasionally. 
    i went to my follow visit with the EP on Monday this week and he stopped the amiodorone and the blood thinner. After that I have been felling better and better everyday. So I guess part of my symptoms after the ablation were the amiodorone secondary effects. I would say I'm back to normal now. 

    in summary, great results and experience with the ablation so far. It is a minimun invasive surgery , fast recovery and low risk, specially at our age. Seems like medicines could work for some people but you will hear different stories from different people, and from my experience , the 3 different beta blockers I used didn't work completely well. 

    i would recommend to go for the ablation, and do not worry or stress about the process . It is very easy

    hope this helps


    DAVIDCHAR, March 14,  2020  12:41pm EST

    Thanks for your reply Carlos take care 🙏🏼

  • tolsen53
    tolsen53, March 16,  2020  11:12am EST

    Hey David, first - Good Luck! I hope you have a successful procedure. Everyone reacts differently, every body reacts differently. I think one thing many of us do is become hyper-vigilant and aware of everything that happens in our body post procedure. When you feel something unknown, or that you may have ignored in the peast, DO NOT PANIC! Take a deep breath, and practice some relaxation techniques to calm yourself down. Then monitor what you are feeling or felt, and try to compare that to your memories of how your body felt in the past.

    One thing that does help me is to journal every day about how I feel, what I feel, when I felt it, how long it took for feeling to subside, etc.

    Make sure post procedure that you stay in contact weith the EPs office, Make sure you have someone there, a NP for example, who you can call with questions. They are best equipped to tell you whether what you feel is normal, or different.

    It will take some amount of time for your body to recover. You jsut had holes poked in your most important muscle, your heart. You jsut had a bunch of catheters stuck in your body in a whole bunch of places. You just had anethesia, and who knows what other drugs. You are starting on a bunch of new drugs post procedure, possibly. You will be scared that the ablation did not work. You may have a afib incident during the "blanking" period and freak out.  You may have anxiety/panic attacks.

    Those of us who have been through this have all dealt with all of those issues, and we survive. You will too.

    Best of luck,




    DAVIDCHAR, March 16,  2020  5:48pm EST

    Tom, Thank you for the advice, Dave

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, March 17,  2020  10:22am EST


    Congrats on being scheduled with Dr. Tchou at Cleveland Clinic. The doctors there are incredible. I don't know Dr. Tchou well, but all the others I know very well there are top-notch clinicians and amazing human beings. They set the bar high.


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