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tange48, November 19,  2018  10:06am EST

My AFib flutter story

I am 68, female who went into hospital in Oct 2018 for emergency appendectomy.  After I was home for a few days had one episode of fib in am lasting one hour then again the next morning which gave me epigastric pressure, nausea and diaphoretic.  Called 911.  Rescue squad came put me on monitor and showed fib. HR in the 90’s.  So went back to hospital.  Converted to SR at 3pm on my own.  Next day had Thallium stress test normal and remained in SR.

Cardio EP sent me home on Multaq 400 mg bid and Eliquis 5 mg Bid with ablation mid November.  Felt very drugged on this.  So very tired all the time.  I have always had PAC’s, but never in my life been in fib flutter.  At times would take Metropol to control that.

Had another discussion with doc and decided to be conservative.  Stopped Multaq.  Continue Eliquis and see how I do..  So 4 days off and this am in atrial fib 6am - 9am and now Bach in SR.  I feel all this so know when I’m in and out.  Will see how rest of day goes, but is ablation inevitable?

I am on meds for hypertension, hypothyroid,Geri.  All controlled.  What to do ?.?





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  • tange48
    tange48, November 19,  2018  10:24am EST

    Does anyone know of experienced Cardiac EP in Tampa Florida?  Thanks

  • TR
    TR, November 20,  2018  5:25am EST


    I don't have any experience or special knowledge with hypothyroidism causing AFIB, but I have read material showing a linkage. I hope someone can steer you to a good EP in your area. Here is a link to reading material on the subject, but one word of caution. Reading stuff like this can easily make you feel paranoid. Use it just to guide you in the right direction to find a solution, not to cause any unnecessary worry. Good luck.



  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, November 20,  2018  9:21am EST

    The place to go to search for EPs is at their medical society, the Heart Rhythm Society: https://www.hrsonline.org/Find-a-Specialist 

    A search using a Tampa zip code found 35 EPs within a 70-mile radius. When I checked the "FHRS" (Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society, a designation for the most skilled/experienced EPs) box, I got 19 within 70 miles. Thus, you have a lot to choose from. 

    The EPs I know that are listed are John Norris, FHRS, in Clearwater, who is such a great guy, and James Irwin in Tampa. I've heard of a few of the others, but do not know them personally.


  • CarolynH
    CarolynH, November 20,  2018  1:44pm EST

    What to do?   Continue to keep a very open dialogue with your cardiologist and answer that question together.

  • Teagal
    Teagal, November 22,  2018  9:26am EST

    Seeing a good electrophysiologist would probably be the best step to take next. 


    Please do not be afraid to consider an ablation if it is recommended. IF you have a really good EP, it can be easier on you than the appendectopmy, IMO. It can improve your quality of life  after the blanking period is gotten through, and your doctor can help you decide if this is the best option for you.

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