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egmcmahon, December 4,  2020  3:48pm EST

Multaq and alcohol

I have had several paroxsymal events and recently went 10 days without self-converting so I had my second cardioversion.  My cardiologist finally convinced me to try Multaq.  I enjoy an occassional drink or two if I have guests or go out (only outside now) and am looking for kindred spirits on Multaq as to whether or not it is safe to drink on Multaq and can it induce a paroxsysmal event?  

Anyone have experience with this?  Hoping to to stay in NSR for a long time.  Thanks.   

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  • jameskelly
    jameskelly, December 4,  2020  3:58pm EST


    I have not been on Multaq, but I also have had two C Versions, and they only lasted for 7 or 8 months. My Doc suggested a catheter ablation. I had mine on Nov 9th. the success rate is quite high. I would not drink too much, as alcohol can be a trigger. Ask your Doc about an Ablation. 



  • dcshilton
    dcshilton, December 7,  2020  2:26pm EST

    Hi,  I was on Multaq for about 2 1/2 years.  It controlled my A Fib well, until it didn't (apparently this is common), so I then had an ablation, which so far has been very successful.  I don't believe there is any problem with interactions between alcohol and Multaq, but alcohol can be a trigger for A Fib.  I've found that limiting myself to one drink is the safest way to prevent A Fib episodes (and a good health practice in any event).  So if Multaq controls your A Fib episodes, I would stick with it; if it stops being effective, then go for an ablation.  Hope this helps,   David

  • PBama
    PBama, December 25,  2020  10:33am EST

    I am curious about Multaq as well. I also enjoy **** 2-3 nights a week and admittidley enjoy too many. For the last few years i managed paroxysmal afib with fleccainide but have recently been told to stop due to some newly discovered blockage. 

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