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aMAZEd19, March 6,  2020  11:38pm EST

MAZE procedure - 19 years of happy, healthy life

Just ran across this forum.  I had a MAZE procedure for AFib in 2001 and have had a happy, healty heart ever since.  I would do it every year if that is what it required to get rid of AFib.  It basically destroyed my life.  I was in heart failure with an ejection fraction as low as 15% when in AFib that lasted at least two weeks of every month.  I had less than a year to live and it was an amazing, fortunate experience that 26 years of increasing Atrial Fibrillation had not caused a stroke.  An RF ablation in 1994 was a joke.  They rarely last for long as did mine.  

A search to learn about yet another possible medicine led to an Atrial Fibrillation forum.  The brief joy of actually finding out what my condition was called was immediately drowned by the despair and desperation of the posts of the participants.  Then one stood out.  One talked about the joy of having a life again and actually participating in senior olympics again after having a MAZE procedure.  That then later led me to Jack Drum's MAZE Alumni site where I learned about the procedure, found a wonderful surgeon and began a new life.  Besides my joy at a new life, I watched dozens of others find the site, learn about it and have their Atrial Fibrillation completely cured as mine was.  

I've always wanted to track down the cardiologist that tried to talk me out of it and do a dance on his desk.  I wanted to try and convince the man that led the original AFib forum that surgery isn't such a radical step - but he died from a stroke.  In my mind that is a little more of a radical step than my surgery.  Doing nothing is far more of a risk than a curative procedure.  I had hit a point that I would have much rather died during a surgery (very rare) than live another day with Atrial Fibrillation.  One of the best decisions I have ever made.  Not a day of regret.  Not a day in nearly two decades without Normal Sinus Rythym.  

I'm not a surgeon or selling or recommending anything.  I'm just alive and happy = 19 years later.  Please consider all your options and do your research.  A couple weeks from now my youngest boy that I never would have known turns 19.  I celebrate two birthdays at that time.  My boy's birthday and my "Re-Birthday".  


3 Replies
  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, March 7,  2020  7:34am EST

    Amazed19, thank you for your delightful account of how research and persistence led to your way "out of" AFib!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • BeverlyRae
    BeverlyRae, March 7,  2020  9:24am EST

    What a wonderful story - thank you so much for sharing!

  • CC354
    CC354, March 9,  2020  8:17am EST

    So great to hear about your wonderful success story. 

    Too often we only hear when a procedure does not work. 

    You have given hope to many.......Thanks

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