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afibber7330, June 29,  2020  5:28am EST

Louisiana EP

Hi everyone,

I am 74-years old and moving to Louisiana.  I am looking for recommendations for the best EP available.  I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

We are still searching for a home but will settle in the Lake Charles, or Deridder area.  I don't know anything about the medical community in those areas.  Traveling to Shreveport, Alexandria, Lafayette, or Baton Rouge will not be a problem.  

Since we have not picked a specific place to live; I wouldn't mind hearing about what community you live in and why you like it there.  I will be looking for new friends too.

Thank you for whatever information you can share.



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  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, June 29,  2020  1:35pm EST

    I am from Baton Rouge. My thinking your opportunities are better because the logistics from New Orleans. Personally I would go to Houston if you live in Lake Charles. I do not have confidence with MDs in Louisiana. You will have to research and maybe go through several before you find a good one. 

    Houston has Medical Center.

  • oldkarl
    oldkarl, July 1,  2020  8:57am EST
    ECG_Amy 001.jpg (1).

    One of the best clinics in USA is Md Anderson. There is one in New Orleans. But as just for the folks, I really like Lafayette a lot, and the whole list of communities down through Baldwin and Houma. Enjoy yourself. 

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, July 2,  2020  10:16am EST

    If New Orleans is not too far away, Dr. Nassir Marrouche at Tulane is highly-respected, and has been on our faculty at the Patient Conference.


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