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webster603, July 29,  2019  8:55pm EST

Looking for support

I am just out of the hospital with my 4th episode of Afib in 7 months, the last 2 within a month.  I see my cardiologist Thursday but the doc on call said he and my cardiologist think I'm too young to not consider ablation (will be 60 in Sept).  I am currently on Eliquis, flecainide, and metoprolol.  It is all so new to me.   I am also a surgical diabetic, having had most of my pancreas removed in 2004. I am so tired of all the medicine for this or that but am so afraid of the ablation.  I would love to hear from others who have had it done and whether you thought it was worth it or not!  

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  • RuthAnn7004
    RuthAnn7004, July 29,  2019  9:30pm EST

    I am a 74 year old fairly fit woman who encountered Afib in November 2015 for the first verified episode, which scared me so bad...I didn’t know what was happening.  My pulse was 184.  The electrophysiologist prescribed Flecainide, Eliquis and Cardizem.   I continued to have episodes and eventually also Aflutter.  I was so frightened to have the ablation, but finally in January 2018 I had my 6 hour ablation.  Best thing I could have done.  I am only on Eliquis now and am in normal sinus rhythm, and am thankful every day.  I experienced no pain...hardest part for me was laying flat on my back for 6 hours.  Stayed overnight in hospital and home next day...very tired.  I did have a couple complications, but had a cardioversion and potassium supplement and have been good since.  I hope this helps you as you make your decision.  Good luck.    Ruth Ann

  • rfedd
    rfedd, July 30,  2019  12:27am EST

    After my May episode, I had a lengthy conversion with my cardiologist. He never used the word ablation. It was his opinion the episode was caused by high blood pressure. I have been taking Metoprolol since June 1, along with Pradaxa. Blood pressure is much lower. Better low sodium diet, supplements of Magnesium and Potasium. I feel skips and pauses in my heart beat now, but nothing crazy. Was he right about the high blood pressure being the cause?

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