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Tippa2121, December 4,  2019  11:08am EST

Is it possible to have persistent and then paroxysmal AFIB?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had episodes of persistent afib and then paroxysmal afib at a later time. I

To make an extremely long story short, since Dec-2015 I had 4 episodes of afib. All of which required cardioversions, which suggests that I have persistent afib. After my last cardioversion in August, I started taking Multaq. Since then I went into afib at the end of October, and this past Monday; however, my heart reverted back to sinus rhythm on its own both times, which now suggests paroxysmal afib. I am meeting with my doctor next week to discuss options and I was wondering if anyone has encounted a similar experience. I've usually heard about paroxysmal becoming persistent and not the other way around. From what I understand the ablation for persistent is different than paroxysmal, and I want to be prepared as possible for my converstaion. 




4 Replies
  • Jrincleve
    Jrincleve, December 4,  2019  11:12am EST

    I have completely changed my lifestyle and have gone from episodes lasting from 1/2 hour - 3 hours to minutes.  I have had 35 episodes since last May and they are also getting farther apart.

    Good luck!

  • bfboca
    bfboca, December 5,  2019  7:31am EST

    Hi Tippa.  In my book you have been in paroxysmal Afib all along and never in persistent.  Persistent in Afib "speak" is an event lasting a long time like a few weeks or so before reverting to NSR.  And then repeating in that way.  Anyway it sounds to me that your AAR is doing you very well and I'd stick with that.  Your Multaq sounds like it is working well for you and I'd think your doctor will say the same.  Bob

  • Patio7
    Patio7, December 5,  2019  8:22am EST

    I am told by my EP that one can have both since I have had many short...24 hrs or less, and a couple episodes of 2weeks plus. Since I have been on Tikosyn (almost two years) I have fewer and none have lasted more than an hour.  That feels like success.  Know your triggers, modify your lifestyle and get a good EP...the best advice I learned here on this site.  So far...no ablation.

  • Larkspur
    Larkspur, December 5,  2019  11:42am EST

    Hi Tippa,

    In my understanding as well, your Afib has always been paroxysmal. Persistent Afib lasts over 7 days without a break. The Multaq seems to be largely working but as there are other choices, good that you are seeing your doctor to discuss things further. Hope you are seeing an EP!

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