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AshleyC, August 9,  2019  5:26pm EST


Hello everyone. My name is Ashley and I have had AFIB, SVT, and a slew of other heart conditions since I was 17. I’ve been through 3 cardiac ablations, countless meds, hospital stays, testing, weeks out of work, appointments, and other procedures. I used to be extremely active but now I can hardly get though a half a mile run and stairs suck. I have had a slight return to normalcy lately, however I currently found out that I am pregnant. I am TERRIFIED. I have cardiac and OB appointments next week. Anyone else deal with heart issues through pregnancy? 

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  • Spencer
    Spencer, August 12,  2019  12:55pm EST

    Ashley, I have been through the same experciences on the AFib side - 3 ablations, 2 cardioversions, 8 ER visit for the heart, 8 hospitilizations for the heart, 3 ambulence rides, 2 911 calls and 21 days in the hospital all in 6 months.  I was an ultra distance runner now just like you I can not run a single mile and probably never will be able to.  My heart drove into despair and then into depression that nearly claimed my life.  I am starting to come back somewhat to normal but there is still a lot of ground to cover.

    Not sure that I can help you with the little human growing inside you.  I'm that half of humanity that just sits back and watches.  Sorry, I can't help, but I did want to reach out and tell you that you are not alone.  Many of us have trod that same path.  


    In the Sunlight 

  • Sandra8952
    Sandra8952, August 13,  2019  3:08pm EST

    Hi Ashley,  my name is Sandi.  I too had three failed ablations, took all the meds my body did not tolerate. Was told next step was a pacemaker. I said nope. I had the Wolf mini maze 14 months ago.  NSR and NO medications.  Life is good. I hope you find your answer!

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