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Rickdev, December 6,  2020  10:38am EST

Initially sudden palpitation and now activities intolerance

I am a 44 year old womean. My weight is 110 and I am 5 feet tall. I am a very actitive, but I had some anxiety which gave me some health issue. About two years ago I started getting sudden palpitations. It made me scared and nervice. So, I went to my several times. At that I was able to walk 1500 to 1600 steps everyday, but that gave me sudden raising heart beat sometimes. So, My doctors gave me lancora ivabradine. I took that med for two years and then asked my doctor if it would be ok to stop the med and see what happens. My doctors said it would be ok. After stopping it I did not nocice any difference for a while. However, after a month or so I noticed I can not walk for do my normal activites around the housse. I feel havey in my head, burning sensation in my feet, my standing pressure higher than sitting, ache in my upper  body which come with activities. So, I went back to the med after talking to my doctor. My symtopms are not going away and it is bothering my daily life. It is very scary when I feel I am going to drop on the floor becasue of the sudden dizzness. It seems things are worse as becasue I stopped the med. I had a monitor for three days which did not show anything significant except that I have pvcs. EKG showed I have short PR interval. 

Does anyone have any suggestions and similar experineces? 

  • kocoach
    kocoach, December 6,  2020  11:51am EST

    I sympathize with you wholeheartedly. As my post says I have had afib since 2002 with symptoms such as you describe. I would be talking with someone and then black out and when I come to they would still be talking but I was out, I didn't hear a word they said. I've lived in and out of the emergency room for 18 years now sometimes with much fear. When I finally decided to put everything in GOD's hands and now a lot of FEAR is gone, less stress, fear, panic anxiety attacks. When I start to get anxious I call on JESUS and HE calms me down. I notice when I do HE guides me to what I should do. A lot of emergency Dr.'s tell me to just ride these episodes of afib out. My episodes last for about 10-24 hours and then they convert on their own. I was on an experimental drug for afib (at the time) Tikosyn and for about twenty years I did great,running seven miles a day, very few episodes of afib actually feeling normal. But I started to feel normal and started eating anything and my weight balloned to 275 and I started to have episodes again so my Dr. put me on Amiodarone which worked great for awhile but now I'm having a lot of afib again. I still talk to JESUS a lot and I know some of the thing's that cause these episodes such as lack of sleep, eating certain foods, anger, anxiety but for me the main thing is lack of sleep. My advice to you would be to start talking and giving everything to GOD and HE will show you and lead to Dr.'s that will be able to help you, just ask HIM. I pray your condition will improve and that He will HEAL you of these annoying afib heart beats. When you talk too your Dr. tell him exactly how you feel and your concerns. Have a Blessed Day and don't give up there is help.

  • Rickdev
    Rickdev, December 6,  2020  12:51pm EST

    I had tears after reading your valuable comments. It made me a bit emotional . I am thankful to you as you understand my feeling and fear. It was very difficult to take this kind of episodes at the beginiing, but I am used to it now. More sadly, when my doctors kept telling me I had nothing but anxiety,  I felt very helpless. It was not that I was just complaining and not doing anything I went to work and even went for a long walk.  Everytime I went for a walk and did my gardening (whiich is fun for me) I felt sick with scary palpitations. Now I can't even go for my daily walk and  do activities. I don't like being lazy, scary diziness and ache in my body has reduced my fun actitivites. This is what makes me sad.. Till now, I don't have  a coardiologist. I went to a internal medicine doctor a few times. He gave me lancora ivabradine. I stopped and started taking it since July. 

    I will stay calm and do my prayer as you suggested. I wish your good health and happy life. To let you know, your advice is priceless to me and I hope I will have the streanght to fight it with the help of God. Please keep praying as you have been doing it for so long. Stay safe!

  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, December 6,  2020  11:39pm EST

    See a good cardiologist ASAP. Stress ECHO after ECG;  and then CT Score to rule blockage. I would definitely do the Nuclear ECHO if your CT score is not 0. I know this sounds crazy but test for Sleep Apnea. Go to StopAFIB.org for additional information and decision making, Keep us posted on your test results. God bless - I know how you feel! 

  • kocoach
    kocoach, December 7,  2020  12:19am EST

    Thank you so much for your input. After 18 years with afib I have had all of the tests done that you mentioned and everything is fine in that regard, it's just they don't what is causing it as in a lot of afib case's. I am a dis-abled veteran so I get the BEST of care at the VA hospital I have been going to for 30+ years now. In fact the afib Dr. is having a video session with me this Tuesday. I do not want to get an  ablation as in my research it takes in many case's two or three ablations and then sometimes it doesn't help at all and I dont want a pacemaker as my heart rythem converts back after 10-24 hours. Again Thank You very much for your input.

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, December 7,  2020  8:54am EST

    Rickdev,  I  agree with dsavoie1953 -- go see an electrophysiologist (EP) as soon as possible.  You should probably be on a "blood thinner," since possibility of stroke  is the worst part of AFib.  And testing  for sleep apnea and consulting   StopAfib.org    for self-education at also great recommendations.

    I also agree  with kocoach that prayer and God's help are necessary.  God will lead you to a good EP, to  help you get the right tests and meds for AFib so that you can get back  to a      normal  life without dizziness and your other bothersome symptoms.   

    As kocoach says,  none of  us know what causes Afib, but I thank God  that we  live in a time when  there are several  helpful options for treating  it, including ablations and pacemakers. Many of us here  can attest to that!  Please keep us posted as to how things are going.


  • Kkuzel1
    Kkuzel1, December 10,  2020  9:04pm EST

    Thank you for all of your posts. I am new to this group. I have had Afib for about 3.5 years. I had 3 cardioversions and then was put on metoprolol and went 2.5 years.  Then this past summer I have had 3 episodes that converted back with additional meds in 6-14 hours. I am retired so with Covid we left for Florida for the winter to be able to walk. My recent episodes have started after Covid lockdowns, unrest in the city where I live and the death of my sister from Covid 19. I have never been anxious accept after this summer to the extent that I am now from the Afib. I have found a electrophysiologist in Florida and looked at his background. My Dr. in MN had recommended I find a Dr. here. They wanted to rule out if it was stress that had increased the Afib. However, said it is not something that is cured. I am on a lot of flexcainide now, metoprolol and xarelto and a BP medication. Before this summer my BP was decreasing. Lately at times I have trouble sleeping. I also have a strong faith and that has helped with the recent episodes. Any suggestions will be of help and mainly support learning to live and stay calm through this. I was not sure what all I needed to add when I leave a comment. Thank you all. 

  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, December 11,  2020  11:10am EST

    Get a good EP ASAP and cardiologist. Do not allow AFIB to continue.

    Go to StopAFIB.org 

  • Rickdev
    Rickdev, December 11,  2020  12:59pm EST

    I had echocardiogram and treadmill tests and both came back normal. But before I  went for my treedmill test I stopped my excercise becasue of all the crazy symtopms. So I know that my difuculties come back when I start my excercise and regular activities. 20 minitues stress test on a treamill after a long break from excercise doesn't make any difference.  My GP is not interested in sending me to a cardilogist at this point. I never had Nuclear ECHO  or CT. I honestly don't know what to do now. COVID is also making things diffuclt for me. 

    Finally, does anyone know if I should walk for about half an hour or so? It makes me nervious because I know any activities trigers my sysmptoms. 


  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, December 11,  2020  1:40pm EST

    Regardless what your doctor tells you ... go see a good Cardiologist. It's your life and you only have 1 heart.  Get on StopAFIB.org for expert information. 

    I had AFIB and irregular heart beats begining 2018 that started with normal sinus to below normal sinus (Below 50 BPM)  to persistant like 148 BPM. AFIB starts out irregular heart beats and over time can become persistant. Not all cases but that is a pattern. Your case can be different.

    But one way to be as medically confident is to do all these test which include EKG, ECHO, Nuclear ECHO, CT Scan Score and Sleep Apnea are the test that you may want to consider to have some peace of mine with a cardiologist. You can tell the cardiologist ... look I want to make sure and let's go through these test. 

    Here is the benefit ... you now have a Medical Baseline for your Cardiologist or Electrophyologist ... if you need one. 

    Also check you blood work as well. That is so important to see if you may have Thyroid issues. That can cause irregular heart rates. I am not a MD but I have 2 years experience of this stuff. So go to StopAFIB.org and you will get more information and experts opinions. 

    I had a RF Ablation done this August 2020. Today I can hit golf ***** with energy. 

    Get blood work from your ***. Thyroid etc 

    Get cardio test from your Cardiologist ...EKG, ECG, ECHOs, CT Scoring

    Get Sleep Apnea Study done to definitely rule out Sleep Apnea and Insommina.

    Read and research for yourself on StopAFIB.org. 

    Just a quick write up ... sorry 

  • Rickdev
    Rickdev, December 11,  2020  2:22pm EST

     Thank you dsavoie1953 for your excellent advise. I had a blood work in the first week of December. It was ok except that my bad cholesterol is marginal. I need to do more exercise which I can't do at this point. I will ask my doctor to send me to a cardioligist. 

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