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Anitra, December 17,  2018  10:28pm EST

Hi I'm Anitra - I'm New - Didn't know there was an AFib support group.

Hi,  I'm 51 years old,  6yrs ago - I  was diagnosed with Afib, also PAT (Paxoral atrial tachycardia).

I'm just found this site today, and didn't know there was a support group for this -

I just know sometimes I feel alone, And want to find friends who are  dealing with the symptoms and side effects - my new normal.  I do have my afib under control most of the time.  I also still have some bad episodes from time to time.   I'm trying to learn how other people feel with this heart condition.  I'm a mom with 3 older kids,  I have a husband,  work and still run all my daily errands.   I find sometimes people don't understand what I have -,   At work all though my bosses seem to understand, sometime I don't think they do?  I do have intermittant FMLA for my bad days.   How do other people deal with their normal lives and having this thing, AFib?  


3 Replies
  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, December 20,  2018  6:50pm EST

    Welcome to our forum, Anitra!  I am glad you have found our group to offer you support and information as we share our a-fib experiences.  I imagine you are in the care of an electrophysiologist since you have been diagnosed.  One of the things you will find here is that a-fib affects each of us differently..and our responses to medicines and procedures differ also.  What will work for one will not work for another.  A lot of our members  do suffer seems to go "hand in hand" with a-fib for a lot us us.  As in your case, we also often feel that others may not undertand how a-fib affects us and our lives.  I think  you can learn a lot and receive a lot of support from  members of this forum.  You might try posting in the SECTION of the forum that is named AT HOME.  This is where a lot of members post and you may get more responses to your concerns by posting there.  We are glad to have you here and hope you will continue to let us know how you are doing.

    Wishing your best,


    (My A-fib Experience Community Leader)

  • Jpcoop
    Jpcoop, January 2,  2019  11:17am EST

    Hey Anitra I also just found this Support Group and have really enjoyed having people to talk to that can relate.  My name is Jim and I am 51 years old have been dealing with proximal A fib for about the last 12 years.  I chose the ablation road and have had 4 over the last 12 years. I wonder at times if this was a good decision because it had not been successful.  As all I continue to have chest pains, palpatations and occasional flutters.  I believe that the biggest issue that I have had to deal with is the Anxiety that comes with this problem.  Happy to answer any specific questions you may have and it sure is good to talk about it.  Your right others have no ideal how this effects our lives.  

    Good luck 

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, January 2,  2019  1:51pm EST

    Hello, Jpcoop....glad you have found our forum! 

    I've had 3 ablations so I can relate to your ablation history.  Fortunately for me (still keeping my fingers crossed), the last one in 2014 has kept me in normal sinus rhythm and now the only medicine I take is Eliquis to protect me against stroke if the a-fib returns (which is always a possibility...a-fib can't really be "cured"). I don't take any rate or rhythm control medicines...but take the Eliquis because of my age and being female....which raises the stroke risk.

    I can also relate to the anxiety that a-fib can produce as can so many other members of our forum.  A-fib and anxiety seem to go hand in hand.  I think part of it is the uncertainty about when it will long it will last.....when should we go to the ER....what medicines and procedures will work for us, etc.  It affects each of us so individually that all the results vary greatly.  I think it is hard for people who do not have a-fib to understand what it is like...and how it affects us.

    I would suggest, as I did with Anitra, that you post in the AT HOME section of this forum where you will likely find more responses from members of our group. It seems to be read more often.

    It is certainly helpful to know that you are not on this "a-fib journey" alone and the support and information we receive in this group is a blessing. We are glad you are here!

    Please keep us informed about how you are doing and we look forward ot hearing from you again soon.

    Wishing you the best,


    (My A-fib Experience Communuty Leader(  .

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