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iamagoodguy2, August 10,  2019  2:47pm EST

Hi everyone I am Tim

Hi All,

I am Tim,

I am 59 and was a very active guy, even after my Heart Attack 3 years ago and had a stent placed. I had a stress test back in April of 2019 and everything looked real good. Then my doctor took me off my Beta Blocker, and less than a month later I contracted Afib. His nurse says oops, we were supposed to refill that prescription. Now I am on a dose of Metoprolol 4 times my original dose now 100MG a day. Afib sucks as I have an episode once or twice a day when I even slightly exert myself. This sucks!!!  Going in for cardioversion this Tuesday. Healthcare, that and law are the only two professions where you can pay big money and never know if what they do is going to work. No warranty, This cardioversion will cost me over $3000.00 to cover my deductable. I suppose thats why they call it a "Practice". Would you bring your car to a mechanic that says he is "Practicing"?

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  • Gene157
    Gene157, August 10,  2019  3:20pm EST
    ScreenHunter_286 Feb. 26 12.10.jpg (1).

    Talk to your Dr , many times conversion can be done with medications. I had both, and how its done made no difference. And the bad news is that AF nearly always comes back sooner, or for shure later.The chart shows that 50% are back in AF even with meds. And I assume you are on a blood thinner, a must.

    The graph shows  various  meds and for how long they may keep you in sinus after a cardioversion. Dotted line is no meds.

    I am taking 40mg Sotalol and 150 mg Propafenone twice a day. Neither by itself, at higher doses, and 3 times per day works.

    To me, Propafenone appers the most effective.

    Good luck



  • rfedd
    rfedd, August 10,  2019  6:06pm EST

    Hi Tim  I too have had two stents placed after two heart attacks. AF diagnosed in late may. Cardiologist did an Echo. Report showed heart is in excellent condition, but he put me on 100 mg. Of Metopropol per day, plus 50 mg of Losartin and 100 mg of Pradaxan. He also suggested I get a Kardia Alive Cor so I could monitor myself. Very re assuring device. With the meds, no events since last May other then some skips and double beats. But I can see those on the Kardia device, so it avoids a panic attack or the ER.


  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, August 11,  2019  8:50am EST

    Tim, I hope you are seeing an EP (electrophysiologist) who specializes in AFib.  And it sounds to me like an ablation may be in your future.  As Gene says, even after cardioversion, the AFib is likely to come back.  If you can, review some of the "stories" of folks on this forum, re their success (or not) with these procedures.  Keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, August 12,  2019  7:53pm EST

    Just a reminder - 85% of cardioversion failures are due to untreated sleep apnea. And similarly with catheter ablation failures.

    If you possibly have sleep apnea, please get treated, and be religious in use of your treatment.


  • Spencer
    Spencer, August 14,  2019  2:44pm EST

    Mellanie - is right.  I had two ablations and two cardioversions that didn't work; I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and then the next ablation worked.  

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