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CesarAnthony, November 3,  2018  9:33am EST

Hello, fellow Afibers

Hello, fellow Afibers!!

I'm 33 and had Afib since I was 28.

I always been very fit and exercise regularly, which is why I was shocked when I got Afib. My cardiologist thinks it was too much stress. I still run an exercise despite my afib. I'm a High school History teacher .  :)

Afib can be very stressful and sometimes can feel one feel alone. Which is why I am here. Hoping to talk to some like minded people for support here and there. Or if anyone wants to talk, I can listen.


Nice to meet you.

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  • Spencer
    Spencer, November 12,  2018  10:53am EST

    Hello - Sorry that there have been no posts to this thread yet.  So, I am Spencer.  AFib since 49, and have had three ablations, six cardioversions and a bunch of other stuff.  My journey has been short but rather extreme.  I hope that you have the success that I have but not my journey.

    I think my AFib was caused by a number of factors: stress from my job, stress from my profession (senior military officer, extensive foreign travel, combat a few times, 7 deployments with each lasting 6-13 months), high exercise (ultradistance runner), less than 4 hours of sleep for about 25 years, and the fact that all the men on my mother's side have died from this or a complication of AFib.   I basically broke my heart from stress, last of sleep, too much exercise.

    I was just asking for AFib.

    AFib stress... yes I of what you speak.  My AFib got me fired from a Special job to a make-work job that allowed me to goto to all the medical appointments.  I am also now retiring basically because of my AFib and some other factors.  All of the stress of AFib culminated earlier this year, I tried to do something permanent, and I also sought out the help of some mental health professionals that are attached to my command.  

    The people of this board will more than help out and give you information, advice, knowledge, banter and generally a good time.  Please ignore all of my advice as I am crazy.


    In the Sunlight

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, November 13,  2018  8:19am EST

    CesarAnthony, are you seeing an electrophysiologist (EP) for your AFib?  I wasted some years going to a regular cardiologist with my AFib, and by the time I got to an EP, my heart was in much worse shape, and ablations and cardioversions did not return me to normal sinus rhythm (NSR).  So, I always recommend ablations, the sooner the better! And done by an EP who has done hundreds of them successfully!

    Maybe stress is the cause for your AFib, but none us knows for sure where it comes from.  You are very young for it -- mine didn't show up until I was more than twice your age.  My husband got it, too.  Neither of us has a history of AFib in our families.  

    Let us know what kinds of things you are doing to treat your AFib, and read about what others are doing for theirs.  I think it's a good thing you continue to exercise.  Keep us posted.

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, November 13,  2018  12:42pm EST

    Welcome CesarAnthony,

    at this point, I’m in rhythm. Mine started two weeks after a widow maker.

    Had no clue what my first episode was about. Woke up from a sound sleep in the middle of the night with an incredibly high heart rate. Went to the ER. Put on a handful of pills. Los of ups and downs. Ended up with an ablation in May. Outside of two episodes shortly after and a number of twinges, all is well. This is a great place to gather information and get support and give support. 

    Dont worry about Spencer, he is probably one of the less crazy ones here.  He, like you he is young and will get crazier as he matures. Right now he boasts of his certified state. He will learn that the truly crazy never admit it.

    so welcome!


  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, November 13,  2018  2:06pm EST

    I just wanted to welcome you to our forum!  I hope you will find a lot of support here as our members share our experiences.  You are certainly "not alone".  The next time you make a post, you might try sending it to the AT HOME section where you will probably get more responses since you have introduced yourself.  As Judy mentioned, I hope you are in the care of a good electrophuysiologist who is treating your a-fib.  We are glad to have you join our community and hope you will continue to let us hear from you.

    Wishing you the best,


    (My A-Fib Experience Community Leader_

  • Anitra
    Anitra, December 17,  2018  11:24pm EST

    Hi Cesar Anthony, 

    I'm sorry you feel alone,  I feel alone too. This my first time finding other's with Afib!   I'm happy to see that there are many others with Afib - we can all help each other.

    I was diagnosed with AFib 6 years ago,  and I too learning my new normal.   It took me baby steps the last few year exercise, I gained weight and was paranoid about doing anything.  I finally decided to get myself back into shape,  I started with walking 20 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.  Then I keep taking my walking further.  I noticed my heart felt better when I'd exercise.  I'm still working on eating right, cutting out caffine and junk/fast food.  This past November I walked 3 miles in a weekend - and lost 10lbs.   I've gone roller skating,  and working on increasing the amount of steps and stairs I take each day.   Exercise is good for your heart - just want to do what comfortable for you. 

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