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LauraD, August 19,  2020  2:10pm EST

Hello Everybody

Hello Everyone, my name is Laura I am Florida Realtor, I am 55 , married and I live in Spring Hill, Fl. 

Just one year ago this month I had my first Sever AFib attack around 3 Am . I had just lost about 30 lbs was feeling great, had never had any issues with my heart before and early in that morning 

I sat straight up out of bed with worse pain I have ever felt! I told my husband I think Im have a serious heart attack!! My heart felt like it was jolting in my chest and beating so fast!

Of course he rushed me to the emergency room and they put me immediately in ICU for 3 days! My heart rate was tuck at 187bpm and it took them 11 hours to bring it down and to get my arrythmia under control! My blood pressure was through the roof as well at 212/110

It was the worst pain. They ran all the tests and did not find anything. They are not sure why I had it. Since then 6 mos later I had another severe attach and was in ICU 3 days again. and the end of that month I had one more that put me in ICU for 2 days. I also have recently been diagnosed with neuropathy in both feet and Im not diabetic, so they have no Idea why I am dealing with that either. I think it may have triggered the signal for my AFib.

I also have nodules on my thyroid and I believe thyroid issues, but the Drs wont listen. That may have caused it as well.

Im looking forward to connecting with people that understand and learning more together :)

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, August 20,  2020  7:40am EST

    LauraD, I'm sorry to hear you have been going through this awful pain.  You need to see an electrophysiologist (EP) about your situation.  (An EP is a cardiologist who specializes in atrial fibrillation.)  Emergency Rooms rarely have such specialists, so you should make an appointment with an EP as soon as possible.  If you have been seeing a cardiologist, ask him/her for a second opinion from an EP.  Assuming you have been diagnosed with AFib, are you taking a "blood thinner" such as coumadin, Eloquis, or the like?  These are necessary to ward off the most dangerous part of AFib -- a stroke,  For your own education on this condition, look up the symptoms, causes, and treatment of atrial fibrillation on such websites as those of the Cleveland Clinic and/or Mayo Clinic.  I am glad you are thinking about what may trigger your AFib episodes.  Please let us know how things are going for you!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Arline3366
    Arline3366, August 20,  2020  10:48am EST

    Hi LauraD -- My afib was caused by thyroid.  Good idea to get that checked out.  Good luck!


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, August 20,  2020  2:14pm EST

    Hello Laura D, welcome to AFIB people that are trying and do get better with meds, maybe, Cardioversions temporary, and procedures that work especially for me May 6th. That was an RF catheter ablation.

    Yes do you have or going to see an Electrophysiologist? That's a heart Electrical system electrican. My AFIB was more than likely caused by my Sudden Cardiac Arrest May 2011. But that's not all; my SCA Dx was NSVT non-sustained ventricular tachycardia. My V-tach was perpetuated or induced by my long term alcoholism.  Yes, alcoholism lowered or altered my Electrolytes and natural minerals like potassium or magnesium so much that my right atria just couldn't conduct electrical signals; therefore causing my heart to AFIB bounce all over the chart.  Anyway, AFIB my understanding is an electrical disturbance or mis-conduction of my heart muscles. I was surprised to find out through this support group that AFIB is a electrical heart issue. Oh I two was DX'd with super poly neuropathy way back in summer of 2009. My feet, thighs, and hands still get that tingling and burning sensation. Keep us posted when you see your EP... Your health is very valuable to us; your family first!


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