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Linda001, December 26,  2018  9:15am EST

Heart rate during AFib

Is there a range for a heart rate during an A Fib episode?  My first episode was 160 to 180 and I think my last one was under 100 bpm.



5 Replies
  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, December 26,  2018  9:34am EST


    I’m not absolutely sure. Generally speaking acceptable rate is between 60-100. However, since afib is an arrhythmia, it is more about the “ consistency” of the rate. Plus normal pulse taking May not identify the true heartbeat. Anyone, correct me if I’m incorrect.

  • hncollazo
    hncollazo, December 26,  2018  4:14pm EST


    All resting rate over 100 is high. 

    In my case I had reached 230.

    Happy holidays!


  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, December 27,  2018  6:29am EST

    Linda, are you on a rate-limiting med? My diltiazem keeps my resting rate around 60 and my afib episode rate around or below 90. My last uncontrolled episodes were in ER 3 years ago - I don’t remember the rate then except it was pretty awful!

  • chawkins
    chawkins, December 27,  2018  11:11am EST

    linda,  I'm on diltiazem also.  My resting heart rate today is 67 but with activity regularly goes over 100 but I am not in afib.  I had an afib attack a couple of weeks ago.  I felt it.  While in afib, I checked my fitbit and my heart rate was jumping around between 125 to 170.  Ended up in hospital ER as it lasted over 12 hours.  I now have Rhymol as pill in a pocket and hope to avoid ER visit again

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, December 29,  2018  1:34pm EST

    Your heart rate during afib can be slow, normal, or fast, so it can vary from 30 to 200, even 300+. 


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