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BFVIII, September 18,  2020  11:38am EST

Good day everyone,

While I'm new to this support group I'm far from new to A-Fib. I am a 73 year old, male, overweight, diabetic, heart attack survivor. I don't use alcohol, and am a former smoker (last smoked in the late 1960's)  My first experience with it was more than 24 years ago and after numerous medications I had my first ablation in 1996. It went well and lasted for about 2 years when the A-Fib returned. After my second ablation in mid 1998 I was on Tikosun and Warfarin the Tikosun worked well and I had no occurance of A-Fib. In early  2008 after discussions with my doctor the Tikosun was stopped and in 2012 the Warfarin was replaced with Pradaxa, all went well until early 2017 when I had a heart attack and shortly after the A-Fib returned. I was placed back on Tikosun for the A-Fib and an assortement of meds for the heart attack. The A-Fib was well controlled by the Tikosun. In April of 2020 the A-Fib returned with a vengence. My Doctor is recommending that I under go a third Ablation. Has anyone had experience with this type of problem. What are the chances that this third ablation will be successful?



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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, September 19,  2020  7:45am EST

    BFVIII, one thing you have going for you is that the whole field of ablations has advanced a lot, since 1998.  IMHO, a third ablation may well be successful, if done by an electrophysiologist (EP) who has done hundreds of ablations recently and successfully.  If you live near well-regarded heart clinics (e.g.,the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, etc.), inquire there for more detail on the types of ablations they do for someone with your background, and recommendations for a good EP.   There are folks on this forum who have had success on their 3rd ablation, so it's not unknown!   Please keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, September 19,  2020  1:27pm EST

    BFVIII, Judy has some good suggestions....find a good electrophysiologist with much experience and in a facility that has done a lot of ablations.  Be sure that your history has been carefully considered.  My three ablations were over a 5 year period.....and the third one has been successful since September of 2014.  If your physicians think a third one is indicated for you, then I think you should consider it and I  hope it will be successful.

    Wishing you the best,


    BFVIII, September 19,  2020  3:27pm EST

    Thumper2 and Jeanamo815, Thanks for your comments. I've been talking with my GP (a personal friend with a background in ER cardiac specilization) and my wife along with my EP. I think I'm going to go with the procedure. Fingers, eyes and toes are going to be crossed!

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, September 20,  2020  4:30am EST


    I too love no admire my newest most experienced EP Dr V. ( I personally call him to myself) gave me a wonderful 2nd ablation May 6th this year. This one was a RF cath ablation of my PVI isolation of coarse, and extensive left atrial posterior entire perimeter. I should go and post his descriptive medical words just for memorization.

    He Dr V and I discussed All I mean all my failed heart rhythm attempts over the last 7+ yrs. Then discussed "PFA" pulsed field ablation which is one of the future sooner than later ablation techniques.  
    BFVII, you will done fine with the best EP ablation experienced docitot you decide on. Plus it helps to have an experienced EP lab team...  

    I am now 137 days out AFIB free.  
    Ask me about about my ER visit last Monday that put me overnight in my fav heart hospital 
    Doug ( depotdoug)

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