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pgrove1, November 4,  2019  11:38am EST

Frequent Short Episodes

Hi All,

34yo otherwise healthy male here with first recorded episode of atrial fibrillation in June of this year.  I think I've had 1-2 episodes in the last 3 years (other things that felt the same) that passed in about 3-5 minutes but the episode in June lasted 5 hours.  Since June I hadn't started any medications or done anything as it seemed like 1 episode every 18 months was probably not a big concern.  Unfortunately I had another 4 minute episode in September and now I've been having them every 8-12 days.  All of them have been under 5 minutes.  Sometimes it might just be PAC or PVC that I feel and makes me super anxious and my heart rate gets between 110-130.  I've been tracking with an apple watch and kardia 6L and ive only had one reading of possible a fib.  I wore a 2 week event monitor in October and I just go the results on Friday.  I definitely had at least one episode of afib with the monitor on that I captured.  

Honestly, I've followed with both cardiology and EP and the EP doctor on Friday started me on diltiazem and flecainide.  I haven't been able to start the medications yet as the pharmacy I use is mail order and hasn't sent them to me at this point.  Anyway, just an introduction.  Mostly here to say I'm pretty depressed and pessimistic about this whole thing.  I'm 34 years old, in good shape, eat right, consume almost no alcohol and have cut out caffeine since June.  I have no family history (no parent or grandparent on either side diagnosed with afib) and yet here I am.  Just looking for some encouragement from other people who've dealt with this from a young age.  I'm worried about my ability to play with my kids, work and earn a living, and be able to help my wife for years to come.  Feeling pretty dejected.


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  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, November 4,  2019  4:41pm EST

    Good afternoon Patrick,

    This is all to your benefit: "I'm 34 years old, in good shape, eat right, consume almost no alcohol and have cut out caffeine since June." Great habits already. 

    I was a bit older than you when I first got afib. You need to feel however you need to feel BUT there are hundreds of thousands of people who are hale and healthy and active who have afib. This diagnosis has not prevented me from being a mother, traveling, exercising hard, working (at a very stressful job from which I'm now retired) and living a full life. 

    No one wants to acquire a medical issue and that's unsettling for all of us, I'd guess. But it need not get in the way of everything you wish.

    Anxiety and feeling dejected come with the package; they tend to lose some of their power as afib gets treated. Many people here have had successful ablations, some have one and never have another episode. Plus there are medications to help control it. Your life is NOT over, it's just got a wrinkle you'd rather not have. Be good to yourself.

  • pgrove1
    pgrove1, November 5,  2019  8:31am EST


    Can't really express how much that message means to me.  I really just need the encouragment of others who have lived full lives with this going on.  The hard part about most afib forums and posts is it's usually filled with people talking about what they can't do or what issue they are having.  Read enough of them and you start to think no one ever lives and has positive moments and outcomes.  I'm looking for some positive reinforcement and that's what you provided.  Do you mind sharing your story? What do you do for your afib now? Did you do an ablation? Are you on meds?



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