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JudyKol, April 16,  2020  4:58pm EST

Fast heart beat changing positions/going up stairs


Just wondering if anyone experiences fast HR when going from lying down to standing. Or going up stairs but not woth other exercise. My resting HR is 38, and every once in awhile when I change psotions I experience my HR shoot up to 194 for just a second or two. 

I am not in AFib. Cardiologists office is closed till May 4th!

3 Replies
  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, April 16,  2020  5:23pm EST

    Wow! 38 is really low. 194 is really high. I would suspect that the 194 may not be the heart rate. How are you determining the heart rate. The rate is usually calculated over a period of time(beats per minute, etc) not just a few seconds. There are different algorithms used which can vary the heart rate.

    My heart rate will increase with activity. It can go from resting at 60 to something in the 90's with activity. 

    pay attention to the changes, see if they cause shortness of breath, pain, dizziness etc. If those happen then I'd call my cardiologist, who should be available. Otherwise, I'd be prone to do nothing, but I'm not a medical provider.

  • john1818
    john1818, April 16,  2020  5:26pm EST

    My spouse recently experienced a similar problem. Her resting rate is in the 70;s but it did spike over 100 when doing stairs or other minor activity. She doesn't have AFIB but has COPD. In fact a few weeks back it was shooting up into the higher hundreds until the cardiologist put her on Diltiazem. It no longer goes to the higher levels.

  • BeverlyRae
    BeverlyRae, April 17,  2020  10:59am EST

    Diltiazem (with Sotalol) also brought down my high rate, but since my normally low rate went too low on the meds, I got a pacemaker (seven years ago) as well. For me, the PM worked very well with the meds - no further issues with slow pulse.

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