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Pixie5545, June 9,  2018  11:26am EST

EP recommendation needed

I read that Dr. Natalie is a committed academician.  Does anyone know if he has trained/mentored any EPS in the midwest?  

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  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, June 9,  2018  3:50pm EST

    Most of Dr. Natale's fellows are on the East Coast and West Coast. None come to mind in the Midwest.


    HJKMS, June 9,  2018  3:52pm EST

    Hi Pixie5545,

    Don’t know if I can answer your question exactly but I can give you Dr. Natale’s website and maybe someone there can answer.  It is: tcaheart.com 

    Also listed are all the doctors there.  Gives their phone numbers, locations, etc.  Good luck.


  • Spencer
    Spencer, June 9,  2018  5:53pm EST

    Pikie - You can use my EP if you want.  He uses smooth rocks to knock you out before operating.  He is WAY better than the first guy that used pointy rocks.   Now both of them still require the sacrifice of small mammals over me before you get the rock to the head.  So I am not sure that I would be much help as I sort of get what they give you and you learn to not ask about things like credentials, schooling, and effectiveness of care and things like that.  BTW - I am in the military medical system so a choice is foreign to them.

    If you can get to Dr. Natele that would be the best, but also remember that each procedure is different and we all take our surgeries very differently.  You do your due diligence and post here as some of my have experience with the doctor that you are seeing.  Stalk him on Facebook and LinkedIn, and maybe send an email to the local medical licensing board to see if they have any records.  I find it interested that we spend more time looking for our next car and our cardiologist.  Something not quite right there.


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