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Canada, December 11,  2019  12:36am EST

Do you get copies of your reports?

In Canada we are entitled to copies of all our specialist's reports.  I have been getting them for years from my primary care provider and they are an education.  They tell us what is important to our doctors and give us a helpful summary.  

However, there are other reasons to get them.  I find out what my doctor supposedly told me that he didn't say.  I also find out what I supposedly said that I didn't say.  I find out that I denied having this or that when he didn't ask me specifically.  I almost always find inaccuracies.  Once my specialist actually rewrote one of his reports.  

These are permanent records and can get passed around to other doctors.  They are important but can be very misleading.  My last cardiol report stated I was on amitriptyline which I am no longer on.  In fact, he commented at the time that he was glad I wasn't on it!

I have recently requested having my copies automatically emailed to me.  My doctor said it was an unusual request but I highly recommend it.


2 Replies
  • Patio7
    Patio7, December 11,  2019  10:01am EST

    I agree. We would avoid a number of issues if we received these regularly and reviewed them.  I get these when I see my cardiologist duringthe summer up north, but not always in Florida.  My northern system allows me online access where every report, test, and appointment is logged with results an notes. Invaluable..I can even print it all out.  Have found several errors, esp in medications.

  • Spencer
    Spencer, December 22,  2019  9:54am EST

    I have copies of my records both physically and electronically.  It was pretty easy when I was in the military but now that I am a civilian it is harder.  I get copies of all medical records on a yearly basis.

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