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Janieshaw, January 16,  2018  11:21pm EST

Blood thinners and colonoscopy procedure?

I am scheduled to have my colonoscopy in June. I was reading the instructions and it did not clearly state if I should stop taking Xarelto 20mg at bedtime. Can other folks share what you did when you had a colonoscopy?  

10 Replies
  • Suehopeful
    Suehopeful, January 17,  2018  3:03am EST
    I just had one last Friday.  I had to hold my Warfarin for 5 days but that is a completely different drug.  The best thing would be to contact the nurse at the doctor's office because doctors have different protocols for blood thinners prior to procedures. I have read on different forums where some hold the drugs for 48 hours and some only a day.  The GI nurses are very helpful and want everything to go well.  Good luck to you!!
  • Rbrandt
    Rbrandt, January 17,  2018  6:02am EST
    Janieshaw, i had one two years ago and I'm on Eliquis and my EP's office had me stop it two days before and start second day after it.  Hope yours goes well. May we all have NSR Roy.
  • Spencer
    Spencer, January 18,  2018  2:19am EST
    Would love to get a colonoscopy... did I just type that?  My docs won't release me to the GI clinic becuase of my AFib and use of Pradaxa.  I really need a colonoscopy as I am having continous bloody stools for sometime now.  Blood count is stable so my body is keeping up with the loss of blood but it is rather startling every single time to see that much blood coming out of me.
  • dave205
    dave205, January 18,  2018  2:33am EST
    There is another option when you do not have to stop your meds - Cologuard.You can use Cologuard right at home! There is no special prep or need for time off. Plus, you don’t have to make any changes to your diet or medication.As the only FDA-approved test based on stool DNA science, Cologuard finds 92% of colon cancers and 69% of the highest-risk precancers with 87% specificity.https://www.cologuardtest.com/
  • Spencer
    Spencer, January 18,  2018  2:55am EST
    But the cologuard will not correct my issue.  I need a cure not a diagnosis.
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, January 19,  2018  3:03am EST
    Spencer,Were you having this issue before starting the Pradaxa? Pradaxa led to GI bleeding for a small percentage of people in the RE-LY clinical trial (that led to FDA approval), so that could be part of the issue for you. You might consider asking to be changed to a different blood thinner to see if that clears up the problem.Eliquis appears to have the least bleeding risk, so perhaps that would be a good option and help you determine whether it's a colon problem or a blood thinner problem. (It could be your cure.)Mellanie
  • Spencer
    Spencer, January 19,  2018  7:07pm EST
    Mellanie - GI issues were before taking Pradaxa but it has gotten worse since then.  I had been having this problem for a while and sort of ignored it and probably should have gotten it seen about, but before my AFib I would never go into the doctor at all.  So I would let things go and generally they would clear up on their own.  This didn't nor the high heart rate issues that were AFib.
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, January 20,  2018  5:07am EST
    Spencer,Since you had those issues already, but they have gotten worse since Pradaxa, it could still be worth trying to change blood thinners. That might help you get control of it enough to make it easier to do a colonoscopy. With the amount of afib you are having, the thought of being off blood thinners for a few days to do a colonoscopy is a little bit scary.Mellanie
  • Spencer
    Spencer, January 20,  2018  5:25am EST
    Mellanie - roger.  will ask the second opinion doc when I see him.  It might be nothing but it might not.  I am more afraid of a stroke and dementia than anything else.  I will not live in a stroked out body.  My life as been too rich and too intellectually driven to be imprisioned in my own body due to a blood vessel.  My blood count is stable so I'm keeping up with the blood loss so the issue can be delayed.
  • ijackson57
    ijackson57, January 21,  2018  10:31am EST
    Hi Janieshaw...I had a colonoscopy a few months back. I was told to stop taking Xarelto for three days before my procedure, NOT including the day of my procedure. So four days altogether. After the colonoscopy, the Dr. told me I could begin again the following day. I am also on 20mg.Someone should be giving you specific instructions like that.Cheers,Irene
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