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javiram, November 9,  2019  4:05pm EST

After Cardiac Ablation

I am 49 and I had an ablation early this year to treat Paroxysmal AFIB that was diagnosed 5 months earlier. I have been free of AFIB for 9 months after the cardiac ablation but, right after the ablation, I started feeling some trembling in my chest, hands and legs and some crack and pop sounds deep in my chest. The trembling was subtle during the first months but it has been growing into an essential tremor that goes on in the chest, hands and legs. 5 months after the ablation I started getting ectopic heartbeats that diminished with time (and breathing exercises) but do not go completely away. They are triggered simultaneously to some tension building in the center of the upper abdomen / low chest and certain postures (bending, breathing deeply, among some others). I also started having what I think it is IBS. When I exercise, I feel good in general but the tremor increases. My cardiologist did echo/tests but cannot find anything wrong and says the heart is in rhythm and the PACs are benign (but very unsettling). I keep feeling that it is becoming harder and harder to exercise as I feel good during the exercise session but trembling and very fatigued hours to a day after. Has anybody experienced something similar after a cardiac ablation? Can the recovery from the ablation take more than 9 months and have these new symptoms so many months after the ablation? I am trying to determine if this is part of the healing process, some damage created during the ablation or another situation.

Thank you so much for any opinion or experience that helps throw light at this process and find a solution.


3 Replies
  • Spencer
    Spencer, November 9,  2019  5:50pm EST

    Javier - I felt something similar between ablation two and three.  What I would say is that you should get to an EP to have a full checkout of your heart.  After ablation, loss of exercise and weird heartbeats are normal.  But by now, you should be strong and stable if the ablation was successful.  I'd say you have an ablation in your future.... but that is just my uneducated guess.

  • jbspiro
    jbspiro, November 22,  2019  10:53am EST


    Javier, My Husband had an ablation Nov. 18, 2019, so far, so good.  Make sure your doctor knows about it, it's scarey!  Don't let it go!

  • javiram
    javiram, November 23,  2019  10:06pm EST

    Thank you for your messages. I have some good news. I tried different medication that my doctor prescribed, meditation, and other things until I found acupuncture. I found a great expert and master of acupuncture with great reviews and, after three sessions and some herbs, the results have been nothing short of amazing. I am still battling some of the symptoms but it showed me two great things: 1. The symptoms can go away, they are not there to stay. 2. These can be treated.

    Looking into more information about it, I also found an article about the higher effectiveness of Metoprolol + acupuncture and herbs versus Metoprolol alone to treat and erradicate premature heartbeats and arrhythmias. The battle is not over but I found a great ally to win it.

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