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suziejenga5, November 18,  2019  4:45pm EST

AFib anxiety


I am new to the forum. I am 49 and was diagnosed only a week ago with AFib. I was experiencing an attack for about 10 hrs before going to the ER. They tried to regulate my heart with meds over two days in the hospital and although it lowered, it didn't maintain, so I had a cardioversion and was released. I have been home for two days and am experiencing chest pressure some pain, nervousness, fatigue. I am on blood thinners and beta blocker. My bp and pulse are good and no one seems to be worried as far as my cardiologist is concerned, but I am a mess. I am so afraid that everything I feel is a heart attack or another AFib episode. It's like I can't believe that the cardioversion worked and I am making myself sick. I can walk around and not get out of breath but I feel out of it. Very scared. Any suggestions? I mean, I was told that this is not life threatening and with the medications I am going to be okay and it's something many live with. Anyone experience these fears?

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  • Patio7
    Patio7, November 18,  2019  7:00pm EST

    Yes, as awful as this sounds, many of us go through this at the beginning, until we learn to live with it. And when I say live with it I mean we find a doc, preferably an EP who works with us to find the best treatment and we also find that it doesn't kill us. Most of us will die with Afib not of Afib. But the stress and worry and general loss of equilibrium is normal. It feels crazy that the doctors just sort of ignore you, but they have seen it over and over and know what is going on but have forgotten how frightening it can be. Hang in here. Lots of good people with knowledge here.

  • rfedd
    rfedd, November 18,  2019  10:34pm EST

    I was diagnosed in may, and yes absolutely freaked me out. My Kardia device tells me I was having an episode every 12 to 14 days. Some with heart rates of 110. The Metoprolol seems to be doing its job. Been episode free for quite a while now. (Knock on wood). I also take Amiodarone to regulate the early beats and Pradaxa. My EP says an ablation is not in the cards for quite a while. 3 to 6 months since I just had a spinal fusion done. Sorry to hear about your situation. Don't let stress get you. Best of luck.

  • suziejenga5
    suziejenga5, December 15,  2019  2:38pm EST

    Thank you Patio7 and rfedd. I appreciate the support. I was taken off the beta blockers and my pulse still remains kind of low, but I haven't been moving much. No recurrence of afib but occasional flutter or skipping feeling. Was monitored for a week and awaiting those results. My cardio doesn't feel it has returned that it may be due to my anxiety so we will see. It's hard because people think you're crazy for being scared when your tests are all good. Thanks for lending and ear and sharing your expeirence. 

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