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Billrules, November 8,  2020  8:25am EST

Afib after Wolf mini maze

I flew to Texas, from New Jersey and had Wolf mini maze surgery with Dr Wolf at Houston Methodist on Oct. 19, Surgery went well, unfortunately developed afib 4 days after surgery, was in hospital for 3 days on amiodarone and cardizem drip, and it finally converted back to NSR. Flew home a few days later, ended up in emergency with another afib episode, which quickly converted after given cardizem drip. Had an echo cardiogram and angio cat scan both were good, so I was released. A couple days later went back into afib and have been in it for 3 days now. HR goes from 60's up to 120's as my doctor increased my amiodarone and cardizem at home, told me as long as I feel okay, I'm not in any danger,as the atrial appendage was clipped off during surgery, and still on eliquis. my doctrs here told me this is very common to happen after this type of surgery but still upsetting, just want to go back to normal, go to my cardiologist in a few days so not sure if they'll try cardioversion or wait and see, I'm a wreck about it. Dr Wold doesn't seem overly concerned about this either. Sorry this is so long.

2 Replies
  • JudyKol
    JudyKol, November 10,  2020  10:45am EST

    Thanks for the feedback but very sorry to hear you are having issues following the surgery. This is impprtant feedback for me as if I am coning from Canada I will not have medical coverage  and if there are complications or a need to be hospitalized afretwards I would need to budget for that. I do hope you are feeling better by now?

  • Billrules
    Billrules, November 13,  2020  7:41pm EST

    I am back in NSR now, my cardiologist changed my meds, told me this is quite common after an type of heart sugery, Dr Wolf said so too, so hopefully things will settle down after everything heals!

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