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dunnsydney21, June 9,  2018  1:09pm EST

Ablation for AFib

Hey all!

I am new to this site and I am interested in speaking to anyone who has had AFib in their life. My husband has been diagnosed with AFib and I am interested in learning all that I can about it in order to help him live the best quality of life that he can.

My husband, Kyle, is 31 years "young". He had his first AFib episode about two years ago. He woke up one morning (before we were due to leave on a flight to Mexico) with chest tightness and a racing heart. We believed it to be a panic attack. However, since this initial attack, my husband has been in contact with several cardiologists and we have determined it is indeed AFib.

Our first cardiologist believed that high blood pressure may be the cause of his AFib. After beginning a blood pressure medication, he still had episodes of Afib.

Then, our cardiologist believed he may be affected by sleep apnea. After a sleep study, confirmation of sleep apnea and consistent use of our CPAP machine, he still had episodes of AFib.

Our second cardiologist recommeded a new, increased medication. And, he still had episodes of AFib.

So, our current cardiologist believes that an ablation is our best option. Due to his age and desparately wanting to lead an active and full life, he feels that this is the best option to potentially "get rid" of the AFib, or at least make it better.

I would love any experiences similar, or just information on how ablations have worked for you. I am incredible anxious and unsure about the ablation route, however, I want my husband to lead many, many, MANY more years with great heart health.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Heartfe6878
    Heartfe6878, June 9,  2018  1:25pm EST

    One more thing to look at.....Did you get a Thyroid work up and a thyroid ultrasound? Have your family stopped all caffeine coffee wine alcohol and d soda drinks?  Also ice filled drinks.?Have you looked into a mineral drink like Gerosteiner that Melanie uses for a tonic each day to supplement the natural minearls in the body that some drugs take out? There are trigger and you have to look and seee what can be trigger the episodes off...Stress can also trigger and many more ideas. can help you get some equilibrium....

  • Myrna
    Myrna, June 9,  2018  4:19pm EST

    Re; any ordinary things that might help prevent afib:

    Dehydration, low potassium, electrolytes being low can trigger afib as other things, get the dr to check those things and if you avoid getting dehydrated, stressed, run down overdoing it, that helps.I had untreated high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma, electrolyte problems when I was 28 and unfortunately was a victim of bad malpractice, When people assume it's panic attacks or anxiety, it's really dangerous and it took 40 yrs to get basic medical.When I first got afib treated I had a few ER drs tell me I had low oxygen, bicarb problems(electrolytes I imagine) dehydration etc .My dr and an ecg diagnosed it. I haven't seen a cardiologist on afib but have an excellent dr. Oh and a lot of people use magnesium to help.


  • djstudt
    djstudt, June 9,  2018  9:02pm EST

    I was diagnosed with chronic AFIB in 2007. I was taking fluid pills to help regulate blood pressure and my potassium dropped extremely low. I believe this is what started the AFIB. I went through every drug on the market to try and regulate heartrate. Flecanide worked for a while and then quit. I was constantly going in and out of sinus rhythm. In 2014, I was convinced to have an ablation. I did and had complications. Two weeks later, I had to have a pericardiectomy, shortly after that I had to have the fluid drained by going through t back. That was very painful. The ablation helped but did not stop the AFIB. I continued to have AFIB and in May, 2018 it became severe. I was in hospital 2 times and had cardioversion; went to Grand View Medical Center in Birmingham, AL and had another ablation. The doctor said I was a challenge for him. I went home the next day and in the middle of the night had severe abdomimal pain and ended up in hospital again for another 5 days with colitis (possibly caused from an inflamatory drug). I've been doing good but heartrate went up yesterday and I had to have another cardioversion. Today I'm doing good in sinus rhythm. Over the years, I have discovered a lot of things that trigger the AFIB. Low potassium, stress, fluid build up, Levaquin. I was hesitant about having the second ablation, but I knew I had no other choice. I feel I had one of the best electrophysiologist  perform the ablation. AFIB is certainly nothing to mess around with. Go the best electrophysiologist you can find. Wishing you the best.

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