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KdS27, October 2,  2019  4:46pm EST

A little about me!

Hi all,  I found this site while looking for a little info on the Apple Watch for Afib. I stayed up reading till 3 in the am, way way past my bedtime!  I am 47 ur old male 6’ 190lbs who had first Heart Attack in 06, had chest cracked for first time in 07. Was also diagnosed with Afib during this 11 day hospital stay. Went back to work as a FF with EJF of 20-25%. Doc’s wanted to put pacer/ defibrillator in then, I refused. Wore life vest. It tried to shock me twice. Went through depression felt life was crazy. Had 3 young kids with last being born 1 month after HA. Fast forward to 2016 for second chest cracking where my Afib kicked it into high gear. I’ve always been able to tell when it’s happening and felt all the “NORMAL” symptoms.  In 2017 was finally forced to get defibrillator put in. Was made to retire with 27yrs as a FF. I have both left and right sided heart failure , myopathy, all kinds of heart rhythms and a list as long as the 30 pills I take a day. The Afib seems to bother me the most now. I’ve had over 100 episodes in the last 3 months lasting from an hour to 24 hrs according to the little computer in my chest that always rats me out. That’s the long version of Hi I’m Kenny!  The short version is I tell folks I’m heathy as a horse.....that’s had a heart attack, gets a little wobbly, may lay down but always tries to get back up!

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  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, October 2,  2019  8:19pm EST

    Good evening KdS27, what a great attitude! Sorry you've been through so much, but outlook can surmount just about anything. So, welcome! I'm fairly new here too and have found it totally comforting to discover people who know what I'm talking about because they experience things firsthand. And, yes, you are healthy as a horse, just had a couple of incidents!

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, October 3,  2019  8:37am EST

    Kenny, I hope you have read the replies to the heading here, "When do you decide to live with persistent AFib vs. treatment?"  I can't recommend "living with AFib" without treatment because such a course is likely to let your heart remodel itself in negative ways.  Check with your electrophysiologist.  After 10 years of persistent AFib, I had 3 cardioversions and 3 ablations -- none of them stopped the AFib.  I finally had a specialized procedure -- nodal ablation and pacemaker dependent His Bundle pacing, which turned my life around.   Keep asking questions!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Lou15
    Lou15, October 8,  2019  8:40pm EST

    You certainly have been through a lot and come through the other side to share your experience, strength and hope with others including myself so thank you and Best of luck in getting the right treatment to make for a better quality of life for you and your family. 

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