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snowbelt, January 27,  2020  1:36pm EST

A fib detection on blood pressure monitor.

I have an   a fib    detector on my blood pressure monitor. About  1 in 20 times it will indicate that I am in a fib. I also have a pacemaker. At my last pacemaker check it showed that I was in a fib 100 percent of time. Very deceiving on my  home monitor. It gave me a sense that I was doung much better than I am. Now I cant rely on home  detection. Anybody else have this problem?                  

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  • Neanderthal
    Neanderthal, January 27,  2020  7:37pm EST

    If I were you, I would get the Kardia EKG monitor at Walgreens.  It's $100.  From my testing it seems to be very accurate.

  • Canada
    Canada, January 28,  2020  3:18pm EST

    I certainly have.  I have a BIOS monitor with the AF feature, paid $100+ for it.  I had it checked at our clinic and the BP reading was accurate.  It all seemed okay in the beginning and then it didn't keep up with my fast heart rates (HR) when in AF.  Then it didn't show the AF.  I am planning to let the pharmacy know that sells it.  I have complained to the company and they sent a new one - which isn't reliable reading the AF.  I'm relying on my pulse oximeter HR readings.  

    I'm not ready to invest in a Kardia and the payments quite yet.

    Best wishes,


  • snowbelt
    snowbelt, January 28,  2020  3:36pm EST

    Thank's for reply.  I know I am in af 100 per cent of time, thank's to my pacemaker. Just trying to let people know that home testing  will not always pick up af. It can lead to a false sense of security.

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