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Spencer, November 25,  2017  1:28am EST

Update on Spencer

OK.  I have been feeling very good these past few days.  I think I have been in NSR quite a bit but without and EKG I can't tell for sure.  Am I getting better or am I learning to compensate?   But I went out and ran this morning for about two miles.  Slow pace and my garmin watch recorded my HR at 140 but I know that was wrong as I needed to walk at the turnaround point and I was so breathless I could not speak.  But I ran and it felt good to get out and do what I long to do.  This is the first exercise for me in nearly 2 months.  My real HR was probably north of 180 but I'll take the high HR for the feeling of moving under my power and control.  I think that is why I ran... to regain some control over my life.  

I also ran right at dawn.  Wasn't a good sunrise but it was one no the less.  
  • Ileen
    Ileen, November 26,  2017  3:05am EST
    Spencer,I am so glad you went out and ran! You are living life as we should. Fearlessly and full. I know what you are going through,I had an NSVT the other day,waiting to go to Dr tomorrow. For the last 5 days I have been afraid to exert myself or exercise. And I love to ride my stationary bike and do my exercises. I am just sitting here scared and so during what will happen next.First the afib, now this. ( which I read can turn into catch, and you know what is next!) I salute you. I hope I can at least do my gentle exercises this afternoon. Every time my heart skips, I nearly panic. No way to live. I have to let go. Keep up the good work. Hugs, ( I have been following you) I am determined to take back whatever life I have left back.God Bless!!
  • Spencer
    Spencer, November 26,  2017  9:59pm EST
    Ileen - thanks for the post.  I'm back out of NSR and have been in continuous AFib for two days now.  Back to night cleaning and walking the dog at 2AM.  I can't beleive how bad my heart hurt yesterday and at night. Its always worse at night and it keeps me up... hence the desire to get and do something instead of just lying there feeling my heart palpatate for hours.
  • Spencer
    Spencer, November 28,  2017  8:00am EST
    So... update#2. Back in ICU. Passed out in ER ( good place to do so). Was on way to be inverted but told wife to drive me to ER. Had lots of chest pain and nausea. Passed out on way in. Was incoherent for about four hours. Work up and they were doing a spinal tap. Let me tell you that will wake you up. In ICU for probably another day or so.  Yeah. I think they stil want to shock me before the cardio guys go home.  Feel real bad.  How will I survive this?
  • milano
    milano, November 28,  2017  3:39pm EST
    SpencerI would recommend getting one of these Kardia Mobile devices that record your EKG on your smartphone.  I have several devices to give me information on what my heart is doing.  It is part of getting and taking control of my life.  I am anxious to see how your ablation will improve your quality of life. It certainly has improved mine.  Hang in there.Dick
  • Ileen
    Ileen, November 29,  2017  3:16am EST
    Spencer, I am so sorry to hear that you had to go to hospital and all you have experienced. I don't understand the spinal tap?? I think if I was you I would insist on the ablation. I will keep you in prayers. I hope you trust the EP doctor, and God will guide his hands. Just try to take it easy if you can, watch a funny video, something to distract you from your pain. If you are hurting I think you really need the ablation. Huge hug!!
  • Spencer
    Spencer, November 29,  2017  10:54am EST
    So.. I'm back from the evil ICU at my hospital.  Here's what happened.  I was going in for a cardioinversion but grew increasingly sick in the car on the way to the hospital (about an hour from the house).  Threw up all over the car and long suffering wife.  I told her to go directly to the ER.  Now... here's where my memories end and come back about four hours later.  My wife told me that I made it into the ER entry way and collapsed and passed out (vagal syncope episode with hyperventilation).  I started to convulse and remained convulsing for about three hours.  They did several x-rays, neck brace because of the fall and two full CT scans.  I ended up break out in this weird rash all over my arms in a few minutes.  They were raised set welts about the size of a quarter with white inner rings.  One of the docs said he needed to drain spinal fluid to check for meningitis.  The one doc stuck me four times in my back to draw fluid and missed each time.  He was thrown out, the next doc (female and like 9 months pregnant) got it on the first try and drained out the needed fluids.   This is when I woke up and start to remember what was going on around me.  The chaplain came down and stayed with my wife for over an hour... she thought that I was dying and I think a lot of folks there did also.  Stayed in ER for another hour then moved up to ICU for the rest of the day.  I was in bad AFib during the whole episode.  Then suddenly... I converted back to NSR.  And have stayed in NSR since.  This is the longest that I have been in NSR for the past year.  I was wheeled down to the Cath lab when they realized that I was in NSR.  So they dumped me back in the ICU for 24 hours of observation.  Just got back from the hospital.  I am very very sore on my back from the spinals and have had migraines for nearly 24 hours.  Also I now have a intermittent tremor on my right side.  Not sure what is going on with that.  They did a full stroke workup but I think I might have had some weird stroke that didn't show up.  The tremor has me worried...  My legs also sort of spasm a couple of times an hour.  My wave form in the EKG has been decaying for the past 12 hours or so and the QT interval is lengthening.  I know that I will drop out of NSR soon but I am trying to take it very easy to stay in NSR as long as possible but I know that I will be AFib'ing soon.  Yeah!  back in the club!  Didn't want to get thrown off this board.  So what's next... left ventricle ablation in mid Jan.  Have a bunch of other follow ups with cardio next week.  Got my company doc to sign off on two days off from work.  Looking forward to a long hot shower and a sleep in a more comfortable bed.  I have slept only about three hours in the past four days.  I can tell my mental state is decaying and I need to sleep to reset.  I've gone several days without sleep for my job so this is something that I know and understand. So... every prayer would be welcomed and some cheers for being in NSR even if it is only for a day or so.Still waiting for my sunrise.  The clouds broke for a few minutes and it was good to feel  the sun on my face.
  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, November 30,  2017  1:41am EST
    Spencer, what a weird and colorful set of experiences!  We're glad you're still with us and hope you're able to get rested.You've got my prayers for your NSR!Thumper2 (Judy)
  • SusanO
    SusanO, November 30,  2017  2:10am EST
    Hi Spencer,I'm Susan, a newbie here.  I read with horror the events you recently experienced. I'm wondering if there was any discussion as to whether your run a couple of days ago had anything to do with the latter?  I cringed when you said they did a spinal.  I've had one and swear to this day NO ONE will touch my spine ever again.  The migraines were debilitating...not sure what was worse, the extreme pain from the headaches after the spinal or the stuck kidney stone in my urethea for 12 hours (both made having 3 babies -one breach- natural seem like a breeze). Anyway, my heart goes out to you and I will be praying for you and your Dear wife (what a saint, right?).  I am so glad you have her; so many are living with this on their own.  (I've had one stroke, years of on and off afib and afib/flutter, coronary artery disease, angina, asthma, GERD, shogren's disease, mitral valve prolapse regurgitation, and rhematoid arthritis.)  I am 66 years old now and am enjoying being in good shape since some new heart medication (Elixis, Multaq); life is interesting.I wish you the very best on this journey to better health and peace within...I'm a caregiver/yoga-meditation teacher (though not teaching much anymore) but, I think the one thing that helps me most is helping other people. Otherwise, I'd isolate too much which is easy to do when you don't feel that well (depression does play a part in my well-being) so hats off to you and congrats for making it through a tough time. I'll be thinking of you...
  • MBR
    MBR, November 30,  2017  2:51pm EST
    Thank you, Spencer, for keeping us updated on your condition...and the silver lining at this point...NSR for however long it may continue.   I'm sorry  to hear of the challenges that you have faced, but will continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.  Stay strong.  God bless you and your wife.
  • Ileen
    Ileen, November 30,  2017  4:50pm EST
    The rest of the story reads like a Stephen King novel Spencer! I had written a long post , but it disappeared !(into thin aiR) God please bless this man and his wife! You are both very brave,I would be in the loony bin by now!! I really am praying the black cloud will pass and you will be fine and happy! Did they ever say what caused the welts, ??  Convulsions?? Sounds like Sepsis or bad meds!!Please let us know how you are doing!! Big giant huge hug!! ileen
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