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Cripes, July 29,  2018  7:20am EST

Supplements and weight training

I worked out 5 days a week before i suffered a cerebelar stroke. Its been 53 days since and i would like to return to the gym. My heart dr. said i could but have to go lite. Im waiting on having a hole in my heart repaired. My main question is if it is safe to take preworkout powders if im on blood thinners. 

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  • AFIBLifter
    AFIBLifter, May 27,  2019  8:01am EST

    My advise it DON'T

    If these substances (contents vary a lot, more of less only caffeine adn creatine has welldocumented substantial effects, and then creatine needs to be taken consistently) help you, they only help if you work out really really hard, just like putting on a Belt when doing max heavy deadlifts. I think you can work out hard enough without either. I doubt there are any studies on either hard training after stroke or these sbstances vs your medicines so I don't think you will have the chance to make a really well inforemd science based decision.

    I thnk like this (I'm 50 , lift heavily 4 times run 2/week): I cut caffeine to keep pulse lower, I cut creatine becaue not studied/tiesextra water to body = hyper tension risk plus messes up creatinine values (breaks down into creatinine, and at least for me, I'm on  anticoagulant so they test me for creatinine content to chech my liver is OK). I also stopped using Belt for dealift and squats (still use it for olympic lifts) and I given up to my maxing goals.

    If you find science please let me now, I would alos like to hear how it goes regardless of if you chose to stop or continue with supps (if you like to tell)

    good luck



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