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justme9898, July 16,  2018  1:18am EST

increase heart rate about 3 hours after exercising

I am disabled and unable to walk so I go to walter aerobics.  During the exercise I wear my HRwatch and keep my pulse under 130.  As soon as it hits 120 I will start cool down exercises and it will go down into the 80s or 90s.  So no problem during exercise, but about half the time 3 to 4 hours after exercising I will have palpatations and an increased heart rate.  I had an ablation a month ago and my pulse is not going to the 150-200 range that it was before, but even though it goes up to just 95-120 I feel terrible and it lasts for a couple of hours.  Has anyone else had this problem with exercise?  Any suggestions?  I seem to be able to do very low quality exercise keep my pulse under 100 with no effect, but I would really like to get back to interval training.

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  • MarieD46
    MarieD46, July 16,  2018  8:46am EST

    Yes, I had a similar experience last August. Went to my regular exercise class and had heart rate get to the 120's so I stopped and relaxed and it went down. About 2-3 hours later at home my heart began beating harder than usual but heart rate wasn't too high. 2 hours after that went into full blown afib with heart rate in the 170's.  That was the last afib event that I experienced which I could feel. I know I've had other short ones, like10 seconds, that I can't feel due to a monitor I wore for a couple weeks.  Anyway, I quit the exercise class because I didn't want to provoke the afib beast!


  • justme9898
    justme9898, July 17,  2018  6:25pm EST

    Thank you for your reply.  It helps to know that this has happened to others.  I have an appointment with my EP tomorrow and plan on discussing this problem

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