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Bradbury AF, October 17,  2017  11:38pm EST

Gym Exercise

The problem is, i attended a Cardio Rehad to start a gym program but was left to myself and felt i didn't achieve anything from the one visit.

As the wife has a gym membership i decided to do it myself. My concern is what heartrate can i get to? The physio told me its ok to be puffed.

Im 57 and did 20 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes bike and 10 minutes back on the bike which during this my heartrate got up to 155 so i backed off.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheers Peter
  • CAI69
    CAI69, October 19,  2017  12:43am EST
    Hi Peter,I do 5-6 days a week of a combination of cardio and weights exercise, and some of my cardio workouts are very intense so that was a concern for me when I was diagnosed 4 years ago.  I asked my EP about it so he ordered both a chemical stress test as well as a physical stress test.  I passed both with flying colors so he gave me the green light to exercise as I normally would, but he did tell me to be smart and stop if I was feeling like I went too far.  The physical stress test gave me some good peace of mind so I would recommend it.Best regards,Corey
  • jsawdon
    jsawdon, October 19,  2017  2:12am EST
    Hi Peteri would strongly urge you to go back to cardiac rehab and finish. If someone didn't monitor your oxygen level, blood pressure complain. What did you go to cardiac rehab for? I went after a bypass but had been gradually walking every day before I went. The day I went for my stress test to start cardiac rehab I was in Afib and Aflutter. I went into the hospital the next morning and cardioverted. My cardiologist wanted me to go that night for cardioversion but I gave him an excuse and delayed until morning. The cardiac rehab is useful for monitoring, for the seminars, for nutrition, and motivational support. I joined the gym after my sessions were finished and took on a personal trainer for the first while. She was helpful however I went into Afib during my sessions. Although neither of us knew what was going on I could not catch my breath and could not exercise for an hour. That was almost twelve years ago. I had a successful ablation and continue to go to the gym either 4 or 5 days a week. I have had times when I spike on the treadmill to 190 and higher. It lasts a few seconds and then comes back to my normal heart rate. Other than getting older I have had no other problem except episodes of gout. I developed kidney disease with my atherosclerosis. I hope this is helpful
  • Bradbury AF
    Bradbury AF, October 19,  2017  2:27am EST
    Thankyou for your reply, I appreciate your thoughts.Wow, 190, I'm glad it came back to normal.The rehab was suggested to me by a nurse, but they just don't seem as caring as tgey should be.I have found my training is going okay at 1 day a week and looking to add another day.I know at our gym Personal trainers get carried away with pushing you, so I certainly won't be going down that track.But thanks for the info on your heartrate, that's a great help.Cheers Peter
  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, October 19,  2017  5:57am EST
    Peter,I would be uncomfortable for anyone here to tell you what your heart rate should be during exercise. Only your doctor or cardiac rehab should be advising you on that. Perhaps more rehab would be worthwhile so you can ask all your questions and really get a feel for what is OK and what it not.Mellanie
  • Spencer
    Spencer, October 19,  2017  1:39pm EST
    I know what I was told, and the doc understood that I was in continuous AFib.  He said that I can work out but to be cognizant of my heart and to stop or slow down if you HR gets too high.  He said that my body would limit how much I could workout.  I followed his advice and worked out but watch my HR and stopped when it got too high.  I went one year ago to competing in a 50 mile trail race to being happy to walk a mile with this AFib condition.  I now work out every other day for no more than about an hour and I am taking it very easy.  I am waiting for the day when I am cleared and NSR and can start to train again but I fear those days are now behind me.  Use you head and listen to your body.  You are the only one that can judge the effort and stress you are putting it under.  Act with care.And just like my trail races, if I die out there... then I will have died for something that I love and doing something that loved.
  • Rob555
    Rob555, October 20,  2017  6:42pm EST
    Hello,​Generally, maximum heart rate is calculated by subtracting your age from 220.  So, your maximum HR would be 163.​Cheers!
  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, October 21,  2017  9:04am EST
    Rob,Welcome to the forum.That calculation is for normal healthy people. None of the rules apply to those with afib and tachycardia; folks with those should ALWAYS discuss this with their doctors. Those with afib who are on beta blockers and in normal sinus rhythm will generally be unable to get their heart rates up to max during exercise. Mellanie
  • Spencer
    Spencer, October 21,  2017  12:38pm EST
    Jeanamo is right... my HR is over 190 a lot when I do run/walk.  I just slow down and walk.  Before I was diagnosed my HR would be over 220 during a run... I track my data pretty closely as that is my personality.  I thought the monitor was broke, so I change the chest strap and watch.  Same data.  The HR data that I was collecting eventually drove me to talk to a doc.  Was interesting that day... the nurse does a cusory EKG and then steps outside of the room for a long time.  I'm there just hanging out and then the doc comes in an says I need to goto a hospital now.  A bit scary.
  • gerrrya
    gerrrya, October 23,  2017  8:45pm EST
    At age of 68 (24/7 AF) my CArdio has suggested max HR of 120.Normal non AF would be 220-68 at around 150.Must admit that my normal resting HR of 65-70 (often drops to low 60s) gets up to 110 pretty quickly in the gym which does limit excersise.​Bigger problem I feel is the lack of endurance.I always liken AF to a car engine running on 3 cylinders, mainly hard to tell while its ticking over, but drive it and you soon realise, drive it uphill and its even more apparent.
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