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Patio, March 8,  2018  10:57am EST

Golf triggered episodes

I have been in NSR for ths past few weeks since a hospital stay and beginning Tikosyn.  Today I tried to play golf and on the 14th hole I suddenly went into major afib with hr 150 plus and serious palpations. Thankfully I live on the course and was able to go home and rest. Within the hour I reverted to NSR. Now I am worried. I don’t know what this means. Can I not play golf?  I had a previous episode some weeks ago on the course, before I was put on Tikosyn when I was using flecainide and within days I was in continuous aflutter. I also am concerned that when I have an episode I really cannot imagine ignoring it. I am so unsteady I CAN barely walk.  Everyone says just live. I am trying but feel at sea. I have been walking for exercise each day, but swear I feel worse when I do. Anyone have any good advice?  I had hoped Tikosyn was going to be the answer.  I am losing pun intended.

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  • Patio
    Patio, March 10,  2018  9:18am EST
    Thanks for the hydration reminder. I try to drink enough, but I think I was definitely low this last episode. I don’t walk ( hate these Florida courses where we must ride.) but it was sunny and windy...when I am most likely to forget to water load. I appreciate your advice and feel a bit better about it realizing there may be a simple answer.
  • Brianog
    Brianog, March 9,  2018  2:23am EST
    I found out that my episodes were more frequent a few hours after exercise.  Turns out I wasn't drinking enough water. And if you're walking a golf course in the sun that might be the issue.  Try drinking a quart of water before you go out and then bring water with you and see if it makes a difference. Made a huge difference to me. Basically drink enough water to quench your thirst. Then drink another quart!! :). The older we get the less our thirst circuitry works.  I didn't feel thirsty, but seemingly my heart did!Good luck. Let us know if it helps.
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