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emrefaks, August 24,  2019  4:36am EST

First exercise

Hi all,

Following my heart-restoring process with medicine two week ago, I had my first exercise today. It was walk & run for 1 hour. I did not have any major complaints but my pulse significantly remained low: Around 80 during fast walk and around 100 during jogging. I’m on beta-blockers and anti-arythmics for two weeks. Meanwhile my pulse in rest is also very low, around 60’s, after i’d started taking the medicines regularly. I’m just wondering if anyone also experiences the lower pulse during exercise? 

3 Replies
  • Spencer
    Spencer, August 24,  2019  9:38am EST

    What're the drugs are you taking?  I usually take the drugs from the nice gentleman on my corner.  Funny he doesn't take insurance and sort of looks around a lot.  Only takes cash, but he seems honest.

    Typically anti-arrhythmia drugs will push your heart lower when you work out.  One that does this in spades is Metropol.  This stuff kept me at 80 no matter what until I "broke through" that limit and it soared to like 180.  So I would take it that your heart rate will be lower while you work out.  Also watch how much exercise, no matter what that crazy DepotDoug says,  let your heart guide you to how much.  I just got back from a walk in high heat and a fast pace, heart rate - 50.  So I think that some of the low heart rate is permanent after ablation.

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, August 24,  2019  1:01pm EST

    The purpose of beta-blockers is to keep your heart rate down, so that is a normal and expected response. 


  • emrefaks
    emrefaks, August 24,  2019  1:56pm EST

    Mellanie & Spencer - thank you very much for your comments. Much appreciated. 

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