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PSwiss, March 30,  2019  8:45pm EST

Apple Watch series 4

I was just diagnosed with Afib. I had a reading on my Apple Watch series 4 and on my Iphone X.

Is the Kardia mobile and the Alivecor app a better monitor than the already installed Apple Watch ECG?

Any suggestions for a different device such as the Emay EMG-10, Bodimetries Performance, Snap ECG Portable, Facelake FL20, Lycos Life Advanced or a chest strap monitor?

Which is best for exercising at gym; bike and rowing?

  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 30,  2019  9:06pm EST

    The Kardia is FDA approved to spot AFib.  None of the others you list are.  So I'd use the Apple to tell you when you use your Kardia to record the AFib.


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, March 31,  2019  9:16am EST

    I Spencer, Agree with your response. Use Mr Apple S4 to tell you to reconfirm with Mr Kardia. Yes. And if all fails go to ER or press SOS ON Mr Apple. 


  • mac9275
    mac9275, March 31,  2019  10:47am EST

    My Kardia Mobile registers UNCLASSIFED 99% of the time? I store it on clip stuck to back of iphone and wonder it laying it on sensors has interfered with reading.


  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 31,  2019  1:33pm EST

    Mac - try replacing the battery on the Kardia. What is you typical heart?  Mine yields unclassified below 40, and AFIB on anything above 180.   Do you you fit these?   Did you doc say typical or atypical AFIB?


  • mac9275
    mac9275, March 31,  2019  2:00pm EST

    I'll try that, thanks. I'll try and make this concise. I needed hip reolacement and had to get clearance from a cardiologist. Last  times I been to my cardiologist it was in different town and it was for check up and no problems found. No CV problems in my  family other than father had stent at age approx 85. I was sent for calcium scan which came back at 4727. Did cath and 2 days later had triple bypass. Follow up with cardiologist two weeks later resulted in cardioversion and Sotalol for afib and flutter. 

    Apple watch records sinus rhythm and Karidia mobile records unclassified.

    Sorry for the story, Oh by the way Hip replacement 2pm tomorrow.


    War Eagle

  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 31,  2019  4:07pm EST

    War Eagle - I think my opinion of these items is about right - they are just gadgets that give us information that we can use; we then must use our intelligence guided by experience to judge what to do with that information. 

    I have used my Kardia for about one and a half years now.  It has read quite a bit of AFibs in its time.  I just one of my monthly reports to have my third ablation scheduled. But each time it read AFib, I knew that I was not bad enough to drive in or get a ride in an ambulance.  I generally could no longer speak when I needed to go in.  

    Good luck with the new hip.  Sounds like fun.


    In the Sunlight

  • Patio7
    Patio7, March 31,  2019  5:44pm EST

    I use both Kardia and my apple 4.  I have a lot of PACs (premature atrial contractions) and the Kardia can’t seem to handle those and I either get an afib reading or an inconclusive reading. The apple4, on the other hand seems less confused and I generally get a normal sinus rhythm reading. I have shared the readings with my EP several times by printing out the reading and have had the NSR confirmed. Neither is perfect but I still check both when in doubt. When they agree....afib...not much doubt. If I am not in pain and HR does not go too high, I relax and wait it out. Has saved me lots of grief and have had no needless trips to ER.  They are worth the cash, if you can swing it. Patio

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, March 31,  2019  6:28pm EST

    Spencer, Patio7, mac9275,

    Gadgets, devices, monitors, fitness tracking wrist bands all designed to watch our cardiac functioning. Either human body going downhill or maybe increasing our lifespan. I’m amazed at how far Technology has advanced in tracking human medical status. Data more data than imaginable just from my Apple S4 HR monitor function. I’m trying to monitor my HR while on Treadmill or Elliptical machines and not fall on my back or head. 

    I’m still looking for the best portable Blood pressure monitor. Any suggestions?


  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 31,  2019  7:06pm EST

    Doug - The information that will be available via wearables will completely transform healthcare.

    I use an Onmon 10.  Not portable but pretty good.  I use it each morning.  Funny it tells me that I am in AFib each day. 


  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, April 1,  2019  3:59pm EST


    I'm a War Eagle, too! 

    Unclassifed on the Kardia could mean a regular rhythm such as flutter or SVT (tachycardia), both of which are fast regular rhythms. The Apple Watch could be "seeing" sinus rhythm for anything that is regular, regardless of speed, especially if it is not overly fast. 


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