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AFIBLifter, May 27,  2019  7:53am EST

Any studies on Max/Optimal Training Dose for well trained individuals/ athletes with AFIB

I know there are studies on endurance athletes getting afib, but are there any studies regarding how hard you can train with ongoing afib if otherwise fit and healthy? when does it get dangerous? There is plenty of conflicting advice, but I want scienctific studies - can't find a single one. And I mean hard training, not walking. I'm sure there is almost no limit on walking unless you are very old. 

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  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 27,  2019  8:24am EST

    Not sure that question is answerable.  We are all totally unique to start with and we each have a different path through AFib.  Most will say to let your body be the guide when you are exercising.  Be careful as exercise can help bring AFib in individuals and in others it is a proximal cause of AFib.  There is no answer but your own,

  • AFIBLifter
    AFIBLifter, June 5,  2019  1:41pm EST

    I guess you're right sofar, but it would be interestign with some studies, I'd sure like t participate in one. At least it should be possible to make some consclsons, maybe for example dividing patients into 4 groups based on Y/N in 2 dimensions: dim1 = AFIB is only heart related issue they have, dim 2 either age above X or preafib v02 max>X or such. 

    OR by making somekind of CHAD VAsc type of score and based on points say how hard one could train (with benefit but not increased risk)

    for now I'm my own case study continuing training as much as I can.

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