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bklynlady, November 2,  2017  10:53am EST

New to afib

Hi just reading the post glad to have joined i am a 65yr old i live a mostly healthy life, exercise(walking) 3 miles at least 3 times a week Eat Healthy  With A Few Cheats Here And There, have suffered with anxiety for awhile was always told the palpitations were from anxiety, went hospital over the weekend they wouldn't stop , they changed my bp meds due to urination frequently, lost potassium, attributed that to the above, I am soo!! Depressed, had a eko gram heart is strong Going To Cardiologist On Wednesday Currently On Eliquis And Some beta Blockers For pressure And heart Rate, Sorry For Long Post But Glad I Found You Guys, I Feel Like My Whole World Came Crashing In On Me, Hope To Be Feeling better Soon, Grandchildren Are My Life  
3 Replies
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, November 2,  2017  3:45pm EST
    Hello, Bklynlady...and welcome to this a-fib forum.  You have come to the right place to voice your concerns and to gain informaiton and support as members of this group share our experiences. I hope the cardiologist you are seeing is an electrophysiologist ( a cardiologist who specializes in heart arrhythmias).  Try not to be discouraged as you will find that many people in this community can relate to your concerns and you can learn much from reading the posts here.  It is good that your echocardiogram shows that your heart is healthy.  There are medicines and/or procedures that will help you feel better as you deal with a-fib.  Taking Eliquis and beta blockers is already a good start for you and after your visit with the cardiologist, you will have a better idea of the best options for your particular case.  Please continue to contribute your posts to this community and know that you will find support and information here that will be helpful to you.  There are many caring and empathetic members in this group as we are all on this "a-fib journey" together.Best wishes to you...Jean(My A-Fib Experience Community Leader)
  • Bradbury AF
    Bradbury AF, November 2,  2017  11:17pm EST
    Glad that you have joined our forum Bklynlady.It's good your echo has shown a healthy heart and your on medications.Don't get depressed, between you and your cardioligist you should be able to maintain a relative normal life.Minimise your stress level because that doesn't help either.You can receive a lot of good advice on this forum.Take care....
  • Voltamp
    Voltamp, November 3,  2017  5:31am EST
    I would suggest trying a magnesium pill in the morning and a potassium pill in the evening. My afib events have not occured since I started that regimen.Several folks on this site have posted positive results with the magnesium regimen. I may not be a normal afib person as I have only had 5 events in almost 3 years. GOOD LUCK. Bill
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