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senga1, March 15,  2018  1:57pm EST

Eliquis and chronic kidney disease.

Anyone out there have experience with Eliquis and  CKD?  Have read anticoagulants accelerate CKD.

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  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, March 17,  2018  7:25am EST
    Can you polint us to a source for that? I have never seen such an assertion in thousands of hours of medical conferences and reading journal articles.Mellanie
  • erickash
    erickash, August 28,  2018  7:57pm EST

    As far as I know personally- as an RN and a CKD patient - there is no correlation between blood thinners and CKD deterioration.  I personally have been on blood thinners for >10 years while dealing with a kidney transplant.  My new kidney has been fine for the time from start of blood thinners to today.  I am currently NOT taking Eloquis but I am taking Prasugrel (Effient).  Make sure that you are taking a medication that you are comfortable with in addition to talking about the medication with your CKD team of doctors.  I am taking the medication to ensure I do not have another hemorrhagic stroke like I did at age 13.  

    Good luck to you! 

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, August 29,  2018  4:59am EST


    I am confused. Are you at risk for an afib stroke? If so, why do they have you on Effient (an antiplatelet) rather than an anticoagulant? Antiplatelets do not protect against an afib stroke. That continued to be confirmed here at the European Society of Cardiology this week.


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