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chuckgary, June 5,  2018  8:06am EST

Daily Symptoms

With Afib, I feel like I suffer with daily symptoms like fatique, palpitations, some dizziness but I'm not having an Afib episode such as the tachycardia-racing heart bpm up and down, my blood pressure has been normal to low and my beats per minute are low but still have daily symptoms.

3 Replies
  • RuthAnn7004
    RuthAnn7004, June 5,  2018  9:39am EST

    I, too, used to have symptoms but my hr was low (40-60) so no Afib.  I went into constant Aflutter and ended up with 6 hour ablation end of January.  At my May 8 EP visit, he said all was good and took me off of more palpitations and I am feeling better than since I was diagnosed with Afib in 2015.  Now I wonder how much the Flecainide was at fault?  Just happy for the good days I’m enjoying now.  Hope you get some solution for your symptoms soon.

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, June 6,  2018  8:06am EST

    chuckgary, have you had an ablation?

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • bshersey
    bshersey, June 15,  2018  12:29pm EST

    Ever since my afib was diagnosed last fall and I went on sotalol, my heart rate is between 55-65 and my BP about 120 over 80. I had an ablation on Feb. 28 and afterward I was getting scary palpitations for about the first five weeks. Those have subsided, thank goodness, and now I get palpitations every once in a while for about 10 seconds to a minute. Those I can handle because I have confidence they are going to go away. Haven't had any afib since the ablation. All the palpitations are extremely even, just faster than my normal heartbeat. I am still on sotalol, eliquis, imdur, lipitor and lisinopril. Hopefully, my EP will begin to reduce them sometime over the next few months. 

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